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    Scooter Libby, who I know from growing up in New Haven is NO American hero. He is a a self-denying Jew. Calling himself ‘scooter’ to avoid his name, Irv Lewis Liebowitz Jr. in order to fit in at all the Protestant WASP boarding schools he went to: such as Eaglebrook and Phillips Andover. Many Russikes in New Haven started naming their sons Jr. to fit in with the long established German Jewish Reform community which named for fathers emulating the protestant settlers of New Haven.
    Disbarred for Moral Turpitude. An embarrassment to the New Haven Jewish community



    Oh ya Trump sure is an oheiv yisrael. Breaking news- after the embassy moves there will be a back stabbing demand of Israel giving over control of 4 Arab villages in East Jerusalem to the palis as one of many steps towards the “peace process” and Arabs capital of Jerusalem. This will be one of many back stabbing decisions.

    Just when you thought the 2 state solution was dead and Trump became a Jew, you see it is well and alive in their minds.



    We should all add a special tefila in our shemona esrei for the success of President Donald Trump.



    Joseph – There is a tefila אתה חונן לאדם דעת.


    Avi K

    Icemelter, it didn’t happen. Not only that, it looks like Trump is going to ditch the PA. Meanwhile, his Press Secretary’s father is talking about buying a house in Efrat.

    Joseph, then kal v’chomer, ben beno shel kal v’chomer we should add one for the success of the Israeli government. I appoint you to write it.

Viewing 5 posts - 101 through 105 (of 105 total)
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