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    Which albums are really good, but aren’t well known?

    I think “Return of the London School of Jewish Song” is one example.



    Doesn’t everyone have different tastes in music? Your garbage are my gems.


    Doesn’t everyone have different tastes in music?

    Thats why I asked! If everyone had the same taste, I would know already!

    I’m asking what your gems are.


    GG boy

    There was a series of albums called ‘Destiny’ by Eli Nathan, similar in style to Journeys. Great albums that slipped under the radar.



    I’m asking what your gems are.

    Your garbage. 😂


    aishet chover

    Take note of previous post. Chuckled? Good. Now, here are mine:

    Yanky and Shabbos
    Boruch learns about Shabbos

    Those two have made a big comeback in my life in recent years, and lots of people here think they’re underrated.


    I know Yanky at the Pesach Seder is a classic. Yanky and Shabbos isn’t? Isn’t that the one with the Challah Lady and Shabbos Queen?



    Destiny and Journeys are quite different

    Though I’ll grant there is SOME overlap for example the Country Boy song on Journeys 4 sounds like should have been on Destiny



    Journeys is much better than Destiny.

    No question


    I loved Yanky and Shabbos and got myself a copy even though I was single and in my late teens. I didn’t let my kids listen to it tho because of some poor ‘middos modeling’ in the script but I played the songs. Baruch learns about Shabbos is another great one that we played a lot over the years.


    ubiq – I LOVED destiny and Journeys! I probably know every song on those albums by heart but I doubt I would be able to tell you which album they are on.


    I don’t know if they’re under-rated, but I like Camp Sdei
    Chemed’s “Around the Shabbos Table” zemiros albums.



    DY, was that London album the one with “The Forgotten Princess”? I think that’s an awesome album!


    No, that’s not the one I’m referring to.



    DY, I checked the album. I had that as a kid. Never liked it that much. I’ll try listening to it again.


    Never liked it that much.

    Thank for demonstrating that it’s underrated. 🙂






    Gershon Verobas variations 1 is pretty underrated



    The Jewish music I hear in kosher supermarkets (the only place I listen to it, because I have no choice) cannot be underrated.

    And, mods, didn’t I have another post? Did you take it down, or did it fall off? Or am I hallucinating about a post I did not post?




    Huju, you’re probably thinking of >this< post.



    I used to like Variations when it was one of two tapes in my bunk at Camp Rayim (the other was MBD’s “Yerushalayim We Will Never Leave You”). I tried to go back to it when I was older and couldn’t stomache the music. Partially because it’s just not as good as Abie Rottenberg, partially because it’s all goyishe songs with a few lyrics changed around to sound a little more Yiddish.



    They’re called parodies, pufflegrap.



    Let’s face it: most Jewish music nowadays comes straight from goyishe songs



    They’re called parodies, pufflegrap.


    Let’s face it: most Jewish music nowadays comes straight from goyishe songs

    People like to say that, but I’m pretty sure it’s statistically untrue.


    Actually, they’re not all called parodies. Some
    have no (easily observable) humorous intent.



    Some of them are just plaigiarism, but the good ones are parodies and the bad ones are irrelevant.


    Can you name some that you consider good ones?

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