WATCH: Alan Dershowitz Questions Russia Counsel: Where’s The Crime?


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Although many on the left have expressed their approval of Robert Mueller being appointed as special counsel to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, Alan Dershowitz thinks Mueller could actually vindicate President Donald Trump, rather than bring about his downfall.

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Dershowitz, a legal scholar and Harvard University Law School professor, said he doesn’t see a crime that necessitated the appointment of a special counsel.


  1. USA Politics:
    Alan Dershowitz just confirmed what every Trump supporter has known since day 1. There has been no collusion between President Trump and Russia.
    But Dershowitz didn’t stop there. He took it a step further and revealed something that no one has been talking about yet.
    Even if Trump had colluded with Russia to win the election that isn’t illegal.
    so Alan Dershowitz is saying: Well first of all I don’t see any evidence of collusion, and second even if there was major collusion, that’s not a crime. Even hypothetically if the administration or the candidate got together with the Russians and said, “Please help me become president. Do whatever you can to help me.” That wouldn’t be a crime… The most serious condemnations that have been made have nothing to do with criminal conduct. Collusion with the Russians is not criminal conduct.”
    The Democrats biggest claim of corruption for President Trump just got ripped to shreds by one of the top lawyers in the country!!!
    The fact of the matter is that after surveillance of Trump Tower and a year of investigations, they have yet to find any collusion between President Trump and Russia.
    How many times can the Democrats cry wolf until even their own supporters get tired of listening?

    And regarding obstruction of justice, where’s the court on Hillary wiping out the contents of her laptop? Is that NOT an obstruction of justice??? HYPOCRITES!