VIDEO/PHOTOS: Jerusalem Police Concentrated On Accident Prevention



Jerusalem police this week were concentrating on accident prevention. Eighty policepersons were involved in the operation, handing out summonses and enforcing traffic regulations. The operation came to an end on Wednesday, 13 Sivan, a police spokesman explaining those involved focused on explanation, issuing summonses and improving conditions where possible.

The operation was carried out with extensive staff work by the traffic police and the municipal policing unit in Yerushalayim and local authorities in order to reach all the sectors and population in the city, both in the field of education and enforcement while working to improve the infrastructure in the city.

Police involved in education visited 50 classrooms in the eastern and western capital, in some cases distributing flyers and other materials about accident prevention and road safety for pedestrians too.

Enforcement was busy too, handing out 300 summonses for “life-threatening offenses”. 690 two-wheeled vehicles were stopped for inspection and 50 vehicles taken off the road. The license of 20 drivers was suspended and one driver was apprehended driving under the influence with a blood alcohol level four times over the legal limit.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos: Police spokesman unit)