DANGEROUS: Experts Warn Parents About Viral TikTok Challenge; Many Hospitalized


A viral prank called the “skull breaker challenge,” made popular by the social media platform Tik Tok, is continuing to wreak havoc as more parents warn that their children are sustaining serious head injuries because of it.

The challenge, which originated in Spain, involves three people standing next to each other with the two outside persons jumping while the center person remains still. When the person in the middle jumps, the two outside members kick that person’s legs forward, throwing them off-balance where they hit their heads.

Doctors say the videos are no laughing matter and there re many reports of children suffering many serious injuries – even life-threatening injuries including, bruising, hematoma, skull fracture, neck strain, neck fracture, concussion and long term complications of concussion, bleeding in or around the brain, loss of consciousness, paralysis, and even death.

This viral prank has been spreading around the globe – and many serious injuries have been reported in Israel as well.

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  1. So…parents are now STUPID enough to have to be WARNED that their teenage and prepubescent children are ALL morons at those ages!?

    They have to be INFORMED, that they need to warn these same “highly intelligent, fully evolved balls of walking hormones” not to do something they see on the internet?

    And how about the hypicrosy involved in insisting that these same individuals do not HAVE access to the internet?

    That is truly pitiful.

  2. @PuhLease. Presumably the warning is most needed for the unfortunate middle child who may well be the one who doesn’t have access to the internet and is therefore not aware of what may happen.

  3. @Occassional Visitor

    So, the middle child sees someone filming… and the other two tell him to jump and he doesn’t have the sechel G-d gave a toenail.. and does it??… goodness.. children are becoming dumber and dumber each year. it’s like as time goes on, common sense leaks out of the few brain cells they have left, and POOF..bye bye.

    Brings to mind the old adage “If your friends jmped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you jump too?”