Number of Car Accidents Falls Dramatically In Israel Over Month of April Due Coronavirus


Almost half the number of car accidents occurred this year during the month of April in comparison to April 2019.

According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), during the month, which generally sees a lot of traveling due to the Pesach vacation, in 2019 there were 987 road accidents 25 of which were fatal and killed 25 people. Another 154 involved serious bodily harm and 1,853 people were injured overall.

In 2020, there were only 405 accidents, 18 of which were fatal. The accidents claimed the lives of 21 people and 65 people were seriously injured with 608 people injured overall.

In addition, in April of this year, 635 minor accidents resulting in 760 light injuries were reported to the police. In contrast, in April of 2019, 3,544 minor accidents were reported, with 4,752 individuals incurring minor injuries.

The CBS attributed the difference in the number of traffic accidents to driving restrictions put in place during the months of March and April due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Actually the headline should read “Accidents Falls Dramatically In Israel Over Month of April Thanks to Hakadosh Baruch Hu”