DEBLASIO’S NYC: Maniac That Assaulted 92-Year-Old Woman Has Been Arrested 101 Times [SEE VIDEO]


The question on many people’s minds this morning is how can a violent maniac that assaulted an innocent 92-year-old woman was walking the streets — when he had a stunning 101 prior arrests?

Police sources say Rashid Brimmage, 31, has 101 prior arrests and is a registered sex offender.

His prior arrests include: assault, possession of a controlled substance, public lewdness, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, various forms of abuse, obstruction of governmental authority, criminal trespass, forcible touching, harassment and persistent sexual abuse.

According to police, he’s also the man caught on camera assaulting an elderly woman in Gramercy Park.

Surveillance video shows a 92-year-old woman walking on Third Avenue between 15th-16th Street Friday when, for no apparent reason, a man pushes her. She hits her head on a fire hydrant on her way to the ground.

The man takes nothing, watching her struggle as he walks away.

The only answer to the question is: Welcome to DeBlasio’s NYC.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Cmon how can a 31 yr old have 101 arrests?? Please YWN I don’t like deblazio either but at some point you gotta be honest. Even if he’s been getting arrested continuously since age 10 that means he’s avg 5 arrests a year for 20 yrs. sure

  2. New York needs and if they have it … needs to be more vocal a group only advocates safety on the streets and calls out those who are in office that fail and those that win. The problem with such a group is that it needs to care less about politics and more about people……..a rare find but so important

  3. ANON21: The apparently unbelievable number of arrests (101) is quite credible if he was charged with multiple offenses on each occasion. For example, he may have been charged with public lewdness, forcible touching, harassment and persistent sexual abuse on a single occasion, counting as four different “arrests”.

  4. ANON21 He has “African American” immunity in liberal strong holds like NYC! So unless he murders someone, he’ll be back on a streets in few days. All thanks to NYC’s most compassionate liberal Judges and prosecutors. Too bad that their compassion is reserved only for Blacks and Hispanics.

  5. Which Mets game is he going to? Perhaps he can take the mayors daughter… she has lots of free time on her hands that’s she’s wasting getting arrested. Maybe they can make a shidduch!

  6. Lock up this perp with de Blasio, and then the perp should feel free to punch de Blasio all day every day from morning to night, and someone else shall take care of finally opening all 5 boroughs of NYC.

  7. What a cruel animal. This poor 92 yrs old woman can be anyone’s great grandmother. This animal needs someone to kneel on his neck for ten minutes then throw him in a meat grinder. If there is no judgment down here on earth then there is judgment above in heaven. If the police can’t keep this animal off the streets after 101 prior arrests, and if de blasio doesn’t do his job, then I hope and pray the judgment of heaven will hunt him soon and give him the punishment he deserves. he can’t run away from God.

  8. Now you know why we cross the street when we see you animals walking towards us. This guy is not an exception this is par for the course for these animals

  9. Anon21, what makes you think he hasn’t been arrested 10 times a year? Why do you think that’s at all unlikely? He keeps getting out because our system is like that.

  10. Hello Brothers, where are your sensitivities? Surely if someone has had so many run-in’s with the law and behaves in such a violent manner it behooves us as a merciful people to understand the root of such behavior and to be understanding of the fact that we have failed this individual. We should be ashamed that we have failed him for so long and continue to do so. And to those who suggested that his life be snuffed out of him like poor Georgie. shame on you! I’m sure Rashid has a bright future with much to give back to this world…as soon as we get him the help he needs.

  11. @ olesker

    Thank you very much for your intelligent response that clears up the 101 arrests question.
    We aren’t all so aware of legal procedures.

    Yes, this guy should be confined for life, most likely in a home for the criminally insane (no parole?), not just released because of the new bail reform.

    @ ZM,
    Are you being sarcastic?
    Unfortunately, this individual missed out at critical times in his life and it wasn’t from the law, but from his upbringing. Some periods of life are very critical in personality development, and having a caring, responsible family, with two parents at home, is certainly one of the most important ones