WATCH THIS FOOTAGE: NYPD Retreats As Violent Crowd Throws Bottles, Bricks At Them In Harlem


Video taken in Harlem on Sunday morning shows NYPD officers retreating as a crowd yells and throws bottles at their vehicles, prompting police unions to slam city leaders for “surrendering our city.”

Police were responding to a report of shots fired at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and 132nd Street around 3:45 a.m. when dozens of people confronted them, according to the Daily News.

The crowd began jeering at the officers and throwing objects, including bottles, the five-minute video posted to Instagram shows.

The NYPD vehicles eventually backed up and started leaving as some people began running after them down the street.

NYPD unions responded to the video, with the Police Benevolent Association tweeting: “This is what a ‘light touch’ looks like: Police officers responding to a shots fired job in Harlem last night were met with this. Mayor Bill de Blasio, Council Speaker Corey Johnson and company should be held responsible for surrendering our city.”

Sergeants Benevolent Association also responded to the video, tweeting: “To all our friends in law enforcement both outside & in the USA. DO NOT visit NYC & DO NOT encourage friends & family to visit. The city is dangerous thanks to our elected officials see for yourself.”


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Vote Democrat!

    The army should be brought in! This is a declaration of war!

    I ask you: do black lives matter? Is this what their lives are all about?

    Now my tax dollars are going to be spent to clean up this mess!

    Thanks de Blasio and Cuomo!

  2. Mavenschoice: my yeshiva took us to Jungle Habitat in New Jersey for a Lag B’omer trip in the mid 1970s. Were you ever there?

  3. Close all the police precincts in Harlem and let the mishegoyim kill each other. Why should the police be abused for trying to do their jobs?

  4. In normal times under a normal mayor, this kind of criminal attack against the police would never have been tolerated.
    This is no longer a place for sane law abiding citizens who depend on the government to protect them, and who don’t want to live in a jungle. The police are clearly not being allowed to fulfill that function and cannot even protect themselves.

  5. During Dinkins days, it was believed that it simply couldn’t get worse:- Well guess what:- We now have a mayor is infinitely more inept than Dinkins.

  6. I really think law breakers who attack the police should be shot and killed! period! NO respect for law, then you don’t belong in society.