HE REALLY SAID THIS: DeBlasio Blames 50 NYC Shootings This Weekend On CORONAVIRUS


Mayor Bill de Blasio blamed the uptick in violence over the weekend on the coronavirus pandemic, while defending the city’s latest policing reforms and vowing to keep New York City “the safest big city in America.”

De Blasio held a press conference Monday after a weekend of violence across New York City that left at least eight people dead and more than 44 people shot and injured.

“I want to talk about what happened this weekend. Many were out there celebrating, but we saw too much violence, and we have a lot of work to do to address it,” de Blasio said, while adding that “there is not one cause for something like this.”

“This is directly related to coronavirus,” de Blasio said. “This is a very serious situation… As we’re getting into warmer and warmer weather, we’re feeling the effects of people being cooped up for months, the economy hasn’t restarted – we have a real problem here.”

De Blasio vowed to “double down” to address the violence, which included shootings in Brooklyn, the Bronx and upper Manhattan, noting that it was going to take “neighborhood policing” and cooperation from clergy and elected officials.

“This is all hands on deck,” de Blasio said, while adding that the city has “been dealt a really tough hand.”

“It was the health care crisis in March and April, May we were coming out of it, the warmer months. People are cooped up … they don’t have the normal things to engage their lives,” he explained. “But we’re going to overcome it. It’s going to be tough and take hard work.”



  1. A part of the problem is that this mayor is an idiot, The bigger portion of the problem is that he believes he is so much smarter than everyone, and that we are all idiots. This is a royal disgrace. Our askanim need to speak up and tell this mayor that he is trying to embarrass us, but he is truly disgracing himself – big time.

  2. They haven’t been cooped up idiot mayor.You have them a license to freely riot and loot ,so why not murder? I feel sorry for all the people who live in this incompetent ‘s city.

  3. i mean hes probably right to a degree. obviously its made worse by the current police matzav, but people go nuts when theyre locked up like that

  4. Yes Mominess, I also think he is right… there’s obviously underlying problems there too… but the stress of Covid and the measures taken to curtail it…. have an affect.

  5. Yes this is because they are cooped up with no sports, movies, camps or any way to release their energy. They lost their jobs. Why is everything closed and everyone loitering on the streets. Because you are keeping it closed – Mr Mayor. Please think about this for a moment. If you open it all up and get everyone back to work – no one will be bored and looking for ways to stay occupied. This is not rocket science. Unfortunately they mayor is far from a rocket scientist.

  6. Does the mayor realize what a racist he is. Virtually every single shooting and killing was in a black neighborhood by a black person. Why isn’t there an uptick in violence in the Jewish, Asian, Muslim, Italian neighborhoods. Only Blacks were cooped up? Is it only getting warmer in black communities?

  7. @mominess
    Yes, people may be irritable due to being cooped up.
    But people dont shoot other people because their cooped up.
    people shoot other people because they are bad people.
    save for extenuating circumstances.

  8. Please do not infest your great YWN website with any more pictures of this despicable piece of meat. Too sickening to look at. Needless to say, saturate your website with numerous pictures of of our Hero President Donald Trump.

  9. Idiot–it has nothing to do with coronavirus–it has to do with disrespect to the NYPD, thanks to our “illustrious” mayor who does his utmost to disrespect the officers–he’s the leader of the pack. . And we have to put up with this nonsense for another year and a half.

  10. So cooped up is a license to kill???? 🤔

    Do you want us to believe that the people doing the shooting listen to to the Government lockdown rules?

  11. Nobody who I know had the virus shot anyone.
    In the hot weather shootings usually increase but not to this degree. As long as people can drive to the states with lax gun laws and bring guns to sell here, there is little the police can do. Many of those shot have criminal records or were gang members. The anti-crime undercover cops took a lot of guns and the end of that unit certainly is a contributing factor.

  12. Of course Corona is to blame: Corona beer that is! The firing of police officers and the defense of criminals is the biggest part of this issue! This dope doesn’t see it! And New Yorkers voted him in TWICE.

  13. All this amounts to three sentences of stupidity at an average trump rally.
    ANY thing trump says could be prefaced by “He really said this:”

  14. “… we’re feeling the effects of people being cooped up for months, the economy hasn’t restarted…”
    “People are cooped up … they don’t have the normal things to engage their lives,”
    All thanks to your over policies Mr. Mayor!

  15. These murderers used to be “cooped up” in jail, but you nut job let them out with the carona excuse! Now youuse the same excuse to let them off the hook again. Total incompetence!

  16. Mayor De Blasio,, everyone in the city has been cooped up and everyone is suffering financially, but you don’t see this happening in Chinatown, in the Asian communities of Queens and Brooklyn, in the Jewish communities in Brooklyn or in the Spanish communities in the city. So stop with the baloney. It happens almost exclusively in Brownsville, Bedford Stuyvesant, East New York, East Flatbush, Harlem and parts of the Bronx which contain the greatest criminal element in the city. The criminals have all come out of the woodwork with their guns because there is no more stop and frisk, no more plain clothes anti-crime unit, no more enforcement of quality of life crimes. Add to that the disastrous bail reform debacle and the criminals have untouchable. Thanks to you and your “liberal” friends more people of color will be murdered everyday than when Guilianni and Bloomberg ran the city and were tough on crime. Instead of making excuses for the criminals , protect the victims and the law abiding citizens .

  17. Sadly, we seem to have a binary choice of either idiots on the far right (aka POTUS) or idiots on the far left (aka NYC Mayor). Historically, we could look forward to the next election to bring the pendulum back to the political center but sadly, the current toxic political polarization leaves no room for rational and intelligent leaders in the middle.

  18. He tells us that the virus isn’t as bad as the cold and that you can only spread it if you are visibly sick (with symptoms). Both wrong and against common sense. Now he’s telling us a weak common cold is responsible for mayhem in the streets.
    Can you believe they have classes in schools called Political Science? I guess you need it to figure out who votes for this.

  19. Dear hu bacha:
    I don’t think you realize that if he steps down, then the public advocate Jumaanne Williams becomes mayor.
    If you think De Blasio is bad, you have not seen anything yet. When Williams was a city councilman not so long ago he totally ignored the needs of the Jewish neighborhood in his district and supported a candidate to replace him who was openly hostile to us. His candidate lost to Farah Louis who won with Jewish neighborhood support. Need I say more?

  20. This is why No one likes liberal’s. There SO DUMB! And This DUMB mayor is just making them look WORSE! If he gets re elected for mayor, every New Yorker Will have a serious problem. Last Time I checked, Just because your cooped up does not mean you can shoot. this is not the first time these animals went bonkers, THEY GO BONKERS EVERY DAY!!!!!
    (Challenge: Try to find someone who likes This VERY DUMB MAYOR.)