DEBLASIO’S NYC: More Shootings So Far This Year Than In All Of 2019 COMBINED!


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The number of shootings in New York City continues to skyrocket.

According to CBS, the total so far this year has surpassed the number of shootings in all of last year, and there is still five months to go!

The NYPD says there were 16 shootings that left 20 people shot on Sunday. In 2019 there were no shootings reported at all.


Last year, there were 776 total shootings with 922 victims. Over the weekend, the 2020 total surpassed that, with at least 942 victims, including innocent children like 17-year-old Bronx basketball star Brandon Hendricks, who was killed by a stray bullet in June, and 1-year-old Davell Gardner, who was shot dead in his stroller last month.

There were more than 37 shootings in the city over the July 4th weekend.

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(Source: CBS2NY)


  1. Having painted “BLM” in front of Trump Towers absolves de Blasio of all responsibility of reality as he is now in fantasy-land.
    How do current shooting numbers compare to the days of Dinkins’ shooting numbers?

  2. “How do current shooting numbers compare to the days of Dinkins’ shooting numbers?”

    I just looked it up. This year’s shooting incidents are down 75% compared to 27 years ago.

    We need more and better trained police, and higher taxes to pay for the police. We also need to be able to better trace illegal guns and guns used in crimes so we can shut down the gun-runners. The federal database of firearms transactions isn’t even computerized — the Republicans in Congress won’t allow it!

  3. Just about all of these shootings are gang related, and shooting each other is the way these boys like to play. So these shootings do not pose a danger to the general public and is not their problem. The only innocent people who these shootings hurt are children who live in those neighborhoods who are hit by stray bullets. But the people in those neighborhoods say they do not want the police coming around to protect innocent black children because Black Lives Matter.