WATCH – DEBLASIO VS CUOMO: Cuomo Begs Wealthy To Return To NY; DeBlasio Wants Them Out


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Mayor Bill de Blasio said he won’t bend over backwards to lure back rich New Yorkers who have fled the city during the coronavirus pandemic, taking a shot at Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his frequent chats with pals in the Hamptons.

Cuomo has been pleading with rich city dwellers who left the city for second homes at the height of the pandemic to come back. And he argues that raising their taxes, an idea that now has support in both the Assembly and state Senate, would make matters worse.

“I literally talk to people all day long who are in their Hamptons house who also lived here, or in their Hudson Valley house or in their Connecticut weekend house, and I say, ‘You gotta come back, when are you coming back?'” he said on Monday, Gothamist reported. “‘We’ll go to dinner, I’ll buy you a drink … Come over, I’ll cook.’ They’re not coming back right now. And you know what else they’re thinking? If I stay there, I pay a lower income tax because they don’t pay the New York City surcharge.”

Meanwhile, Socialist DeBlasio again pushed for a tax on wealthy New Yorkers to help close massive budget gaps if federal aid is not forthcoming — a policy Cuomo has resisted because he says it would cause the wealthy to flee New York.

“To the point about the folks out in the Hamptons, I have to be very clear about this. We do not make decisions based on the wealthy few,” de Blasio said at a press briefing Thursday. “I was troubled to hear this concept that because wealthy people have a set of concerns about the city that we should accommodate them, that we should build our policies and approaches around them. That’s not how it works around here anymore.”

(Source: Politico)


  1. We do not make decisions based on the wealthy few,” de Blasio said at a press briefing Thursday.
    instead deblasio makes decisions for the minority few, not caring abt anyone else #alllivesmatter

  2. deBlasio apparently is not very good at math. If you keep increasing the marginal tax rate over a declining number of taxpayers, the revenues will continue declining since with each increase, more affluent NYC residents will either flee the city or find new scams to reduce their taxable income.

  3. Cuomo is now blaming the federal government for the virus? Back in January and February he and Deblah were urging everyone to go about their lives as normal. Then he caused the elderly to be killed in the nursing homes. That was part of the socialist agenda. Funny ow nothing is his fault. Then again come next election all the idiots who don’t know they have a choice will vote for him again.

  4. If you want people to smoke less, you raise taxes on tobacco. If you want them to eat less sugar, you tax drinks with high sugar content. If you people to earn less money, you raise the tax on income.

    New York proves the point that if you tax something, you get less of it.

  5. Deblassio has it all figured out. We don’t need landlords, we don’t need cars, we don’t need wealthy people, we don’t need cops.
    We only need murals on our streets, protesters, homeless, and looters.
    And how will the city’s economy survive?
    Taxes and tickets… whether we can afford it or not.

  6. Stop talking about silly math and numbers. He is good for the city. It’s what the residents want. They want STUFF for FREE and yellow paint on the street outside of Orange Man (bad)’s big house.

  7. Charliehall, since when we will have less and lower quality services, and less and lower quality law enforcement, even upper middle class New Yorkers will leave, taking their businesses with them. NYC is about to go back to the 70s, thanks to General Secretary (one of the few Democrats who it isn’t hyperbole to add that title) de Blasio.