Chareidi Man Convicted of Killing His Daughter A Decade Ago, Caught at Ben Gurion Re-Entering Israel


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Eight months after he succeeded in fleeing Israel, while he was on leave from the Eitanim Psychiatric Hospital, Nachman Anshin, the Chareidi man from Meah Shearim who was convicted of killing his own 10-month-old daughter, Fruma Anshin A”H, a decade ago, was caught in Ben Gurion Airport when he returned to Israel.

During the trial, in spite of the damning indictment against him, the Jerusalem Magisterial Court accepted the opinion of the psychiatrist who claimed that he was not responsible for his actions during the time of the murder due to insanity.

Due to this decision, Anshin was sent to forced hospitalization at Eitanim Hospital located just outside of the capital.

He managed to escape and flee the country, but was arrested upon his return.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Please don’t call him chareidi. It’s not fair to frum, Torah-abiding Yidden. He’s not frum if he doesn’t follow Torah and halachah. Change the headline to “Father convicted of killing his daughter…”

  2. The only insane thing this murderer did was return and how in heaven is it possible for criminally insane murder to be allowed out of his hospital

  3. If this man is mentally ill why does YWN post this article and pictures of him!?!? Additionally, this is a terrible story and shouldn’t be posted here! YWN is not supposed to behave like the secular TV!!

  4. Charadi and frum are merely descriptions of the external manifistations of the person. BUT NOT what is inside.

    A person can be charadi and frum and a ganav, and I personally know one despicable charadi and frum person who raped his daughter.

    Don’t be foolish to judge a person by his external appearance.
    שקר החין והבל היופי….

  5. Looks count for something. That’s why black suits, peyos, particular hats are hallmarks of Chareidim. Murder is not a hallmark of Chareidim, but a guy who dressed Chareidi and davened Chareidi and lived Chareidi was Chareidi until he killed his daughter. This is a tragedy, but tragedies can even be perpetrated by Chareidim. Just to be clear, I do not know whether this guy was genuinely Chareidi before he killed his daughter.

  6. “Charadi” here is used in reference to the community he belongs to, not based on the way he behaves or level of how religious he is.

    and it is meant to hint that yes, within the confines of our comfort zone terrible thing can happen.

    Mental health must be taken seriously.