In Serious Breach of Security Dozens of Rifles Stolen From IDF Base

IDF Spokesperson's Unit

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Approximately 40 rifles were stolen from an IDF weapons depot located at an IDF base in the north of Israel. Shortly after the incident took place, a gag order was placed on the incident by Israeli police and the IDF who opened a joint investigation into the incident.

Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi who was presented with a preliminary investigation of the incident said that the investigation revealed a series of failures and errors that occurred resulting in the theft.

Kochavi instructed that a Commission of inquiry be established. The commission would be headed by a Colonel who would examine the incident in depth. Kochav tasked the commission with submitting a full report in one month’s time.

Kochavi added that steps had been taken over the past year to reinforce the armory on the base, however, these steps failed in their purpose as dozens of weapons were still stolen from the base. Kochavi said that this would result in changes in the command structure and personnel on the base and that these changes would occur following the submission of the report by the commission of inquiry.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)