“VOTE HIM OUT!” Protesters Greet Trump As He Pays Respects To RBG [SEE THE VIDEO]


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President Trump visited the Supreme Court on Thursday morning to pay respects to late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and was greeted by protesters.

Trump and first lady Melania Trump left the White House around 9:45 a.m. and arrived at the Supreme Court shortly before 10 a.m. They spent a little under a half-hour at the court, where Ginsburg is lying in repose, before returning to the White House.

The Trumps were seen briefly near Ginsburg’s casket at the top of the court’s steps around 10 a.m. Protesters could be heard chanting “Honor her wish” and “Vote him out.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Democrats used to hide their evil character behind the disguise of civility. Now they’re showing their true character. They are using everything to tear down America.

  2. YWN, cover the crowds Trump has gotten in PA. Still Yuge. New republican registration is higher than New dem registration in Maricopa County. Fine a news feed besides AP.

  3. So sad, RBG’s Yiddishe neshama crying – the torture and shame of it! – as she waits for so many days for her body “lying in repose” to be buried. Nebach.

  4. The majority of Americans didn’t vote for him in 2016 and he has constantly had an approval rating well below 40%. Of course his supporters cheer him at his rallies. Would one expect otherwise? If he were to campaign among the general public I would expect more jeers than cheers.

  5. this should really give encouragement to Pres. Trump. It shows that he is pushing the right buttons, enraging the lefties. Heave forbid they should come into office. remember, we are electing a president not a teacher.

  6. @stevehynes – You don’t know that, and if you’re wrong, then what?
    We do histadlus, and Hashem puts in their heads what he wants us to get.
    @1: And “send her back” isn’t anti-American? “Vote him out” is very democratic.
    I don’t like liberal platforms, but this Cult of Trump is so stupid and obnoxious and “lo sinchanen”
    Although I do hope that the Senate puts in another conservative judge, that would be a great hedge. Too bad that they didn’t really say the real reason they delayed putting in a new judge when Scalia died. Marketing is biting them in the backside a little bit now.

  7. shame on American liberals; they are so filled with hate that even at a funeral they have no respect for the dead. The are so disgusting! May they be educated how to behave properly!