THE TISCHLER SHOW CONTINUES: Heshy Says He Will Be Arrested on Monday Morning


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Heshy Tischler announced on social media that he has been informed that he will be arrested on Monday morning after Simchas Torah.

“I just got a call from the precinct,” Tischler rambles in the video below.

“They will be arresting me Monday morning. I’ll be taken in for inciting riot. Jacob Kornbluh, who harassed me the night before, that they don’t want to file charges for as of yet, he harassed me. They are telling everyone that I incited a riot, and Mr Kornbluh, the D.A., is going to be arresting me, on Monday morning to the 66 Precinct….”

“Mr Kornbluh is a very terrible bad man”, Tischler continued.

Tischler also apologized to Mrs DebLasio for calling her a “very bad name”.

Earlier today NYC Mayor DeBlasio said that he expected the NYPD to make an arrest in the assault of a Hasidic journalist Jacob Kornbluh.

Kornbluh, who writes for The Jewish Insider, claims he was punched and kicked by an angry crowd who screamed at him, calling him “Nazi” and “Hitler.”

Video footage from two nights ago shows Tischler cornering Kornbluh, calling him a “Rat” and a “Moiser” and encouraging the crowd to do the same – exclaiming, “Everyone say moiser!”

People can be heard yelling “min darf eim hargenen” (We need to kill him).

Tischler has frequently disgraced the names of the 6 million Kedoshim who were murdered in cold blood, by calling NY Governor Cuomo and NYC mayor DeBlasio “Nazis” and “Pigs”.

To respectfully disagree or protest against an elected official is perfectly permitted as this is the United States of America. But Tischler clearly has no clue what took place in the hell of Treblinka, Auschwitz and other Nazi killing factories.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Maybe it’s a gift from Hashem that we can daven alone for the next few weeks.
    שערי דמעות לא ננעלו

    It’s easier to cry in private than in public.

    Maybe Hashem wants our tears!

    Say what want – The Gov. is not Hitler, or even to compare him to Hitler is insane.
    He’s definitely not the best for us at this moment, but calling him a Nazi won’t help!!!

    Let’s all pray hard and take care of the needy to rip up this גזירה.

  2. YWN we don’t need your opinions. Just report the facts please. That’s how you become fake news. I happen to feel that it’s not any disrespect to the 6 million kedoshim every time you call someone a nazi. And I know that we want to “respectfully” and peacefully disagree with our stupid elected officials but unfortunately they don’t understand that language and it gets nowhere. So it’s all out war against cuomo and deblazio right now. Whatever it takes to make the changes we need

  3. @ANON21 YWn is 100% correct. Tischler is a disguting person who is causing klal yisroel trenedous irreperable damage.

    We are the am hanivchar. Do we go on national TV and call our highest leadrs “nazi pigs”?

    What kind of chinuch does this biheima have? Why are we all silent? Are we all just laughing along with him?


    Where are all sane leaders in Boro Park?!

  4. Hershy shld be off our streets. While I don’t advocate he being arrested, hes a danger to our youth and our communities. His language is reprehensible and he needs to GO!
    We as a decent community apologize To our officials for Hershys unforgivable actions.

  5. It’s about time people stand up and stop Heshy. He is out of control, clearly deranged and his language is reprehensible. Not to mention an admitted mechalel shabbos bifarhesya.

  6. Tischler has a clue by calling them nazis he is stating that they would do the same as the nazis did. Did you consider that you have no clue.

  7. @ywn i scroll down for opinions. The articles are I read for news. Why can’t you keep your stupid opinions in the comment section and the news in the news section? And the media is astonished why no one trusts them.

  8. @Miriam, to be fair, when BLM rioted and killed people or severely injured them, not only did the Myor say he was proud of his daughter for rioting, he even joined them and personally helped paint murals all over NYC streets. Suddenly when jews peacefully protest he becomes a big man condemning it and saying it wont be tolerated. He is a blatant anti semite and hes not ashamed to show it.

    Having said that, we cant go around calling people pigs and using such vile language that doesnt help. Yes it needs to be drastically toned down. The good thing is you can call into Heshy radio show on wednesday and tell him yourself.

    Always strive to make a positive impact!

  9. 1 comment said “We don’t need your opinion.”
    Guess what, I would like to hear your opinion.
    A Gut Yom Tov to everyone including Anon21 and Mr. Tischler.

  10. Monday is Columbus Day, so police should be focused on 1 agenda only:- Protecting all Columbus statues across America. Since when do police do routine jobs on legal holidays?
    Then again, if Tischler committed a crime [I cannot waste my precious time researching if he did or did not} why are police waiting at all to arrest him?

  11. Recently Heshy seems to rave like a mad man. There is deterioration since his run for City Council. He’s in need of some kind of intervention and should be evaluated by mental health professionals.
    Can anyone post his full Hebrew name and his mother’s.

  12. Will he be also charged for opening the parks? Megalgelim zchus l’Yom zack’ay:

    Damage to city property (breaking pad locks and chains)?
    Trespass into locked parks?
    Public disturbance?
    Obstruction of by laws and city ordinances?

    Will they throw the book at him? They let it slide then but maybe now they will pile on the charges!

  13. Can we look at this reasonably please stop the name-calling and attacks (except against comrade DE BLASIO and his dishonor cuomo) first of all I do not approve of many of the things Heshy says. However I think many rabbonim support the need for protests even if they wouldn’t want to go on record and would want people to wear masks at the protest. In any event some of the accusations against heshy are false or misrepresented and if i had better info i suspect that percentage (of accusations that are untrue) would go up substantially. That said he definitely needs to be more careful about what he says which hopefully he’ll realize and be more careful to not say things that people may interpret as incitement. (although for the record given what I know now I am very skeptical that there is any valid charge against him for inciting a riot and i don’t trust jacob kornbluh as far as i can throw him,he seems like he is just trying to incite as much anti-semitism as possible and it would not surprise me at all if he intentially provoked people in order to have a story to tell over in the media to cause anti semitism. IMportant caveat im sort of guessing cuz i havent seen the actual videos of the real altercation)

  14. this approach will set back the frum community in dealing with the government and courts decades. Perhaps there may be some small temporary wins, but the portrayals of this by the media is resulting in rising antisemitism. What about our long-standing fight over education curriculum? What about practicing as we see fit? These and others are all in much greater jeopardy.

  15. Let’s focus on what is important.

    All the decrees are really coming from Hashem.

    Please let us see Hashem’s rachamim in our current matzav. So many things we are experiencing now are somewhat reminiscent of what happened to the Jews in the ghettos before they were sent to concentration camps or killed in the ghettos – but Hashem is doing all this now with great compassion.
    The Jews in ghettos could not have large gatherings for simchos or otherwise. They could not daven together in large groups. They waited on lines to get their food. Levayos were conducted quickly with few people, etc.
    Although we may be restricted as to where we can go, baruch Hashem we are not afraid of a bullet in our back, chas v’shalom. We may not be able to have children in shul, but baruch Hashem there are many, many Jewish children in our homes. We may not be able to all dance with a Torah this Simchas Torah, but baruch Hashem, every shul has many sifrei Torah and there are no “scraps of siddur, bullet holes, bloodstains on the floor.”
    Listen to this song and read the lyrics below – and let’s turn to Hashem on Shabbos and Yom Tov and thank Him for His compassion, and at the same time daven with all our heart and soul for the yeshuah THAT CAN ONLY COME FROM HASHEM! Thanking Hashem can bring nissim v’niflaos, right?
    The Man from Vilna from Journeys
    We danced round and round in circles as if the world had done no wrong
    From evening until morning, filling up the Shul with song
    Though we had no Sifrei Torah to clutch close to our hearts
    In their place we held the future of a past so torn apart
    We ran as one towards the shul, our spirits in a trance
    And we tore apart the barricade, in defiance we would dance
    But the scene before our eyes shook us to the core
    Scraps of siddur, bullet holes, bloodstains on the floor.
    Turning to the eastern wall, we looked on in despair
    There’d be no scrolls to dance with, the holy ark was bare
    Then we heard two children crying, a boy and girl whom no one knew
    And we realized that no children were among us but those two.
    We danced round and round in circles as if the world had done no wrong
    From evening until morning, filling up the Shul with song
    Though we had no Sifrei Torah to gather in our arms
    In their place we held those children, the Jewish people would live on.
    We danced round and round in circles as if the world had done no wrong
    From evening until morning, filling up the shul with song
    Though we had no Sifrei Torah to clutch an hold up high
    In their place we held those children, Am Yisrael Chai”.
    We danced round and round in circles as if the world had done no wrong
    From evening until morning, filling up the shul with song
    Though we had no Sifrei Torah to gather in our arms
    In their place we held those children, the Jewish people would live on
    Am Yisrael Chai
    The Jewish people would live on.
    The Jewish people WILL live on.


  16. not that you finished getting any usefulness out of him you are jumping ship and abandoning hi, “the tishler show continues” disgusting kafoi toiv you used him and now he is no longer needed

  17. I am a former fan of Heshy. Before COVID, he was reliable source for exposés on Silly Mayor de Blasio, as MSM continued to cover up for him.
    Unfortunately, over the last few months, Heshy has gone on the deep end.
    I’m done listening to him.

  18. Rightwriter; if u call making fires, stopping buses, shouting at cops, screaming JEWS LIVES MATTER etc. peaceful, then examine the situation slowly.
    Tishler name calling politicians is beyond dangerous. While Cuomo isnt a friend to us, to put it mildly, we Yidden CANNOT EVER behave in a fashion only resembling rioters.
    That was positive enough?!

  19. To Anon:

    You advocate doing “whatever it takes to make the changes we need”, which includes calling the governor a Nazi. No sane individual believes that calling politicians vile names will achieve the changes we need. Show me even one example to the contrary.

    In fact, aside from infuriating him and provoking him to take more revenge on the Jews, the most likely result of calling Cuomo a Nazi will be to lower the threshold for anyone to call anyone a Nazi, if he doesn’t do what’s good for the Jews. By your standard, Carter, Obama, Dinkins, etc are all Nazis. Yes, they were very bad for Jews. But not Nazis. This has nothing to do with cheapening the memory of those butchered in WW2. Did these politicians lock children into trucks and gas them ? Are they plotting genocide?

    You think in black and white, but life is not like that.

  20. I feel very sorry for Mrs. Tischler & children, if a wife and children exist. And if he is blessed to have his parents still with him, I can only imagine their shame. Nebach.

  21. @YWN. Stick to the news unless you write an op-ed. It’s unbecoming. While I can understand both sides of the argument, you will make yourselves into fake news if you write op-eds as news. If you have an opinion piece, just mark it as such and keep it distinct from the news.

  22. hershey is a tzadik he is there helping evryone all of you who are putting him down are jealous jakes and reshaim somone who puts himself out for the tzibur like that is a tzadik