Petira of Reb Pinchos Gershon (PG) Waxman Z”L, Talmud Chochom, Longtime Askan And Realtor In Lakewood, Niftar From COVID-19


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It is with much regret we inform you of the Petirah of longtime Lakewood Askan and community activist Reb Pinchos Gershon (PG) Waxman Z”L.

After contracting COVID-19, Reb PG suffered other complications, and was unfortunately Niftar this afternoon at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

Reb PG was renowned for his Chesed and Tzedakah in a quiet way, and was a beloved friend to thousands around Lakewood and beyond. He resided in the 14th Street area.

“PG was brilliant, with a heart of gold. His love was his Divrei Torah he wrote every week, and he was a real example of what it means to serve the Tzibuur,” a neighbor and longtime friend of Reb PG told TLS.

Reb PG was also very involved with local politics, and served as the first Frum Yid on the Lakewood Township Committee, including in the capacity of Deputy Mayor. He was currently also on the Ocean County Tax Board, and the Lakewood MUA.

While not being Osek B’tzorchei Tzibbur, Reb PG ran Waxman Realty, the first Frum real estate brokerage firm in Lakewood, selling thousands of Lakewood homes to Yungerleit moving to Lakewood in the early years.

He was just 60 years old, and leaves behind his wife, and a family of children Bnei Torah – three who are not yet married.

Levaya details will be published when available.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes…

(Reporting via TLS)


  1. bd’e- truly a great loss. but in the interest of accuracy, i believe that jesse roth operated the first frum real estate agency in lakewood, maybe the mueller agency after that. i may be wrong- please correct me if so.