VIOLENT BLM PROTESTS IN BROOKLYN: Anti-Police Rioters Set Fires, Smash Windows, Drive Car Through Police


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Protests over the death of Walter Wallace Jr. turned violent in Brooklyn on Tuesday night.

In Downtown Brooklyn, protesters broke windows and started small fires.

About 200 people marched from Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn on Tuesday.

There are reports of vandalism, including glass shattered at a bus stop and an American flag that was set on fire.

At one point, a car ended up driving through some police officers who were trying to stop them.

The protests started over the death of Wallace Jr., who was killed in Philadelphia.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Biden will never sort out this mess; I am not even sure he can sort out his basement.

    We need every city & governor to be Republican, and have President Donald Trump reelected for another 4 years.

  2. Perhaps its time for Heshy Tischler to involve himself with, and convince he can help, and try calming, THESE protesters.
    If hes successful, he deserves the Nobel Prize.

  3. This is not racially motivated. Remember Gideon Busch? A mentally-disturbed Jew who was shot down execution style by a row of police in Borough Park, for waving a hammer. This is the way the police respond to such events. It’s not racially motivated, it’s poor training.

  4. All I can say is that at least they are protesting very peacefully and noone is getting hurt. The looting is ok since they are probably just trying to help the stores clear out merchandise which isnt selling.
    The burning of police officers and car rammings are excusable, I mean it is dark out so they are probably just using the fire for light and moving people off the road to safety via ramming them.

    At least it’s nothing like those crazy jewish riots in boro park. I heard they even lit a small bonfire which the fire department had to put out with a fire extinguisher! Gasp!

  5. These Biden voters have nothing to worry about. Letitia James is still very busy combing thru President Trumps 1984 tax return, making sure every paperclip is accounted for. She’s keeping us taxpayers safe. My family feels safe at night knowing Ms. James is taking President Trumps ancient tax returns very seriously. The Biden thugs who are out there rioting and looting doesn’t concern us.