SEE THE FULL INTERVIEW: Tucker Carlson Interviews Biden Whistleblower Claiming Biden Family Criminal Behavior

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

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Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, has slammed Joe Biden for the “blatant lie” that he was unaware of his son’s deals with China.

Mr Bobulinski, who was the former head of SinoHawk Holdings, a conglomerate with links to two Biden family members said he is in possession of text messages that show he met with Mr Biden in 2017.

According to text messages obtained by Fox News, Mr Bobulinski messaged Hunter Biden to discuss a meeting in 2017 with Joe Biden.



  1. Trump’s FBI investigated the Bidens and found no wrongdoing and closed the case. This story has already been proven false. Republicans have control of all levers of law enforcement. If this is true, why are there no charges? This is a slander campaign designed to effect election results. Your newspaper is participating in the slander. Your editors need to do tshuvah.

  2. markjw, you are a stupid lying troll. “Trump’s FBI” was hiding this evidence against Biden Crime Family since 2019 when they acquired the “laptop from hell”. FBI director Christopher Wray is a Deep State creature who can not be trusted, everybody knows, that is why his job is on the line after the elections. You corrupt Democrats are desperate with this new information that is why you are in overdrive to hide the truth.

  3. markjw, if anybody who “need to do tshuvah” it is you “Jewish” traitors who vote for Biden after he promised to restore Iranian nukes in order to complete their “final solution” as they openly claim.

  4. Regarding MosheInGolus complaint about Biden and Iran, the facts are that Obama and Biden increased international sanctions on Iran, and when those sanctions were working, arranged for all of the major western countries to sign a deal with Iran, forcing them to close their nuclear program. International inspectors visited and confirmed many times that Iran was complying with the deal. The Americans also agreed to return an exact sum of money that was paid by Iran to the United States for weapons before the Iranian Revolution and the Iranian hostage crisis. The weapons were never delivered but the US kept the money. The American hostages by the way were all released, unharmed. It was only when Trump became President, and reneged on the deal that Iran was complying with, that Iran restarted their nuclear program, and today it is operating. Your support of President Trump has allowed the Iranians to restart their nuclear program. Don’t blame Joe Biden.

  5. markjw, every word you type is taken from official Obama(yamach shmo) talking points. With traitors like you we usually end up in gas chambers, just like with FDR and his “Jewish” enablers.