THE DRAMA CONTINUES: Trump Campaign Cuts Ties With Lawyer Sidney Powell Who Promoted Wild Election Fraud Conspiracy Theories


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President Trump’s campaign said in a Sunday statement that Sidney Powell is neither a member of its legal team nor a lawyer for Trump in his personal capacity.

The statement followed a series of media appearances from Powell during which she made baseless allegations of widespread nationwide election fraud.

Powell appeared alongside Giuliani and other members of the campaign’s legal squad in press conferences over the past month – including one on Thursday – detailing the campaign’s so far unsuccessful efforts to halt or overturn the certification of election results in several key battleground states that were called by media outlets for President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump himself also referred to Powell as a member of his legal team in tweets as recently as Nov. 14.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. And some people still believe that Trump will somehow become the president with lawyers like these.
    They have no real lawyers because real lawyers wouldn’t risk their reputations on a case divorced from all reality that only people who listen to newsmax believe has a snowball chance in a fiery furnace of winning.

  2. “she made baseless allegations of widespread nationwide election fraud”

    No more or less baseless than anything Rudy has said, and she might actually remember something from law school.

    Trump is imploding. His cult doesn’t know how to deal with it.

  3. Apparently, she was too crazy for even Crazy Rudy. He also didn’t like the fact that he was being upstaged by a WOMAN lawyer who towers over him. She didn’t help her case by conspicuously pointing out the dark brown line of hair color dripping down the side of his face while he was on national TV and then going on NewsMax TV to further expand on the conspiracy between George Soros, the niftar Hugo Chavez and BREAKING NEWS, possible extra-terrestrial involvement with the vote-switching to Biden.
    The saddest part is that this comedy within a comedy is coming to an end way too soon. She would have made for a great opening when Saturday Night Live returns next motzi Shabbos.

  4. None of Trump’s legal team specialize in election law. Ms Powell was as outrageous in her claims as Rudy so I can’t understand why Trump fired her. Knowing Trump’s history I doubt she’ll ever be paid for her services.

  5. Trump fired her because she slandered his buddy governor kemp. Rule #1 in Trumpland. All lies and slander are only to be used against dems, liberals and republicans who are unfaithful to the dear leader.