WATCH THIS: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Blasts CNN In Explosive Exchange


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A video showing Florida governor Ron DeSantis blasting a CNN reporter while she tries to ask about the state’s coronavirus vaccine rollout has been viewed millions of times in just 14 hours.

The clip shows the moment CNN’s Rosa Flores tries to ask DeSantis about why some elderly patients had to join long queues and even sleep out overnight in order to get their vaccine in some parts of Florida.

Watch the video below:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. At least Florida governor Ron DeSantis is not dictating how the vaccinations are to be given out, unlike NYS governor Cuomo [A.K.A. mass murderer cuomo] who is dictating how the vaccinations are given out, first fining ParMedical for giving out vaccinations, and then the hospitals for not giving out enough vaccinations:- Basically a no win situation, especially as thawed Pfizer vaccinations cannot sit around for eligible candidates to show up once thawed.

  2. I just love your fake news headline. I think this CNN reporter was 100% correct. He did cut her off in mid sentence. She was also correct in trying to find out why there was long lines at the hospital in question. It wasn’t her job to investigate. She’s a reporter not an investigator.