SEE IT: McConnell On Senate Floor: Mob Was ‘Fed Lies,’ ‘Provoked By The President And Other Powerful People’

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

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Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell opened the Senate on Tuesday saying the pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol was “fed lies” by the president and others in the deadly riot to overturn Democrat Joe Biden election.

McConnell’s remarks are his most severe and public rebuke of outgoing President Donald Trump. The Republican leader vowed a “safe and successful” inauguration of Biden on Wednesday at the Capitol, which is under extremely tight security.

“The mob was fed lies,” McConnell said. “They were provoked by the president and other powerful people, and they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of branch of the federal government.”

McConnell said after Biden’s inauguration on the Capitol’s West Front — what he noted former President George H.W. Bush has called “democracy’s front porch” — “We’ll move forward.”



  1. I think McConnell may be setting the stage to convict Trump in an impeachment trial, which will prevent Trump from ever holding any public office ever again. Trump thought McConnell was an ally but in fact it was McConnell who used Trump and is now set, if he wants, to play Brutus to Trump’s Caesar, killing Trump politically for good.

    That act of betrayal may save the Republican Party.

  2. Oh no!! Will Trump now tweet something mean about McConnell? Oops, almost forgot that he lost his account 🙁 And McConnell, what does he have to say for himself? Where’s he been for the last two months?

  3. If 17 Republicans vote to convict Trump, the Republican Party will be finished. There will be a new party and these traitors will be cancelled.

    And no, Charlie, a conviction could only prevent Trump from being appointed to office by some future president. (And that only if the senate decided to do so.) It could not prevent him from being ELECTED to office, including the presidency. (Not that I think he will run in 2024. But he will be eligible to, impeachment or no.)

  4. So McConnell thinks Trump lied and provoked those crazies who vandalized the Capitol? Biden’s first act as president should be to give McConnell the Presidential Medal of Graspin’ the Obvious.

  5. Better late then never. For 4 years he was a full-throated enabler in an abusive relationship with the American people and now has this deathbed conversion. As others have noted, he is speaking out now only because he believes that allowing Trump to continue holding the threat of running again in 2024 will destroy any chance he has of regaining the Senate leadership in 2022.

  6. Gadolhadorah: Pray, tell us how you were so horribly abused! Were you triggered, and now in need of a safe place with a coloring book and a box of crayons?

  7. Some of the comments here are amusing.
    Those who follow the Torah know to look to the Torah to understand everything, even stupidity like this.

    Shlomo HaMelech stated “..viHaKesef yaaneh es haKol”.
    Mr. McConnell’s statement was clearly made for that reason.

    Regarding the lie that he caused the invasion of the Capitol building:
    Again, it was leftist terrorists and pre-planned; it was not the President who told them to do it as the lying media still pretends, just as they pretend that it is “baseless” to say that the election wasn’t perfect.

  8. The Party which means the Country is far more important than any person, especially that buffoon who sat in the oval office the past 4 years.
    Simple mentshlechkeit is what was lacking and what Senator McConnell has displayed.

  9. Arizona: Have you spent the past four years in Stockholm? Identifying with abusers has been extensively documented but fortunately easily treated.

  10. I will safely assume that gadolhatorah is no gadol, I wonder if he’s jewish… prolly being paid by liberals to post all this nonsense

  11. and could McConnnell nicely announce that he’s a democRAT? or basically someone so desperate to be on the good side of the powerful, that he has no principles or decency whatsover…