Anti-Vaxxer Closes Facebook Group After His Sister-in-law Dies from COVID

Osnat Ben-Shitrit, z'l. (Yarech Toker Twitter)

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An Israeli man suspended his anti-vaxxer Facebook group after his pregnant sister-in-law, Osnat Ben Shitrit, 32, died of COVID-19 on Sunday morning.

Osnat, who was 30 weeks pregnant, died due to complications in her health related to the coronavirus. Making the situation all the more tragic, doctors were unable to save her fetus even after an emergency C-section. Osnat had four children, the youngest of which is just a year-old, all of whom are now orphaned of their mother. Osnat had no underlying health conditions. She also left behind her husband, Rabbi Yehuda Ben Shitrit.

Her brother-in-law spoke to the Israeli media outlet, Kan, and explained that he was an avid anti-vaxxer. “I formed one of the most successful groups on Facebook against the vaccines. After this incident, I suspended it. When it happens in your backyard, you understand you need to think differently. We understand now the price of the coronavirus. I am against forced vaccinations, and I am not saying that people should run to get vaccinated. But we know that this disease is deadly and the vaccine saves lives.”

Ben Shitrit’s two sisters urged Israelis to get vaccinated.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. People need to start learning whom to trust and whom not to. It’s ridiculous to believe that the government would waste millions of dollars on placebos. What would be their gain? It’s possible that it may have a negative affect upon a minority of people. However, the risk factors need to be weighed and considered.

    Unfortunately, I know people that refer to the vaccine as “the Fake vaccine” and also refer to the cures such as remdesivir as Fake as well. They are, unfortunately, putting their families and others at risk of serious side affects and possible death as well. Not Good!

  2. Sorry for your loss! So, it seems, when you get a potch you listen to the Gedolim! Smart people listen before the potch!

    Two types of children are told the pot is hot and not to touch it! One understands because he uses his brains and other learns the hard way.

  3. I cannot convince the anti-vaxxers to change their minds. I think they are already hopelessly lost. But the audacity to convince others, whether via social media or misguided and dishonest pressures on our Gedolei Yisroel, is unfathomable. The lives lost or disabled because of their foolish efforts leave little room for us to conceive of their ever achieving any shred of mechila. I am incensed by this movement building itself on a totally fictitious claim, that even the perpetrator admitted was a lie and fabrication. And these anti-vaxxers have nothing better to show for themselves. I have no hesitation in allowing them to be stupid, but to inflict that on others has no foothold in morality.

  4. How do we know she died from Covid and not from the Vaccine itself? Hmmm did the Hospital disclose that info to everyone? Did she take the vaccine? There are plenty of cases of pregnant woman losing there baby do to the Covid Vaccine. Its just so ironic that they try to make it so certain that Covid is the cause but when it comes to the vaccine and someone dies from it It’s oooh he had other underlying condition. How much research do we have on the vaccine? Do doctors know what’s in the vaccine Most do not becuse they are not Biochemists? Did the Doctor who told Rav Chiam Konevsky know the biological makeup of the Vaccine before he said it was ok? Do we have at least 5 years of research on it??? Hmmmmmmm and Covid came from a bat hahahhaha. Wake up China did it!! This is a global takeover. Democracy will fall Israel will not be a democracy when Moshiach comes LOL. If you are a real Jew who is awaken you know that Israel will run with a bais hamikdash and a Sanhedrin not a Knesset LOL. Otherwise you are a dumb Jew sleeping!! If you are a Jew and you do not believe in evil don’t get mad at Hashem when a Holocaust awaits you.

  5. He’s still against it, just tempered down because it hit his family.
    It’s good that he stopped saying not to vaccinate, but even now, he can’t say to go vaccinate.
    Anti vaxxing is an obsession, neither logic nor painful loss cures it.
    May HaShem save our People from their deadly influence.

  6. When someone dies from vaccine – oh its just a rare side effect. When someone dies without vaccine (this is first case reported in Israel that healthy pregnant women died from covid and covid has been around for a year!) Now we know we all have to vaccinate… very logical. She also was reluctant to go to the hospital because we all know the horror stories from those hospitals. We can also say if she went to the hospital earlier she would be alive. We can say if she had corona 3 months ago when it had no risk for pregnancy she would also be okay. We can say a lot of what ifs. To say that this is proof that bc one pregnant woman died, all pregnant women have to get this expiremental vaccine, with absolutely no data how it affects the futus is not science!

  7. How does the sad loss of his sister-in-law change what the vaccine does or does not do?

    Here in this country, these Covid vaccines have been given only emergency approval by the authorities. That means not fully safe, even according to the government’s own definition of safe.

  8. Baruch Dayan HaEmet. Hopefully her untimely tragic death will convince others to observer social distancing, wear masks, and to get vaccinated. That would make her menory a blessing.

  9. The little I know:
    Almost of all of your post could be rewritten to describe, as Rav Aharon Feldman mentioned at the recent Agudah convention, how “Eretz HaKodesh” deceived gedolim and, then, tens of thousands of Klal Yisrael, in getting a fake heter for their abomination of joining and voting in the WZO last year, which immediately preceded the COVID outbreak in this country.

    So, after that is addressed, then I’d be interested in hearing about alleged “dishonest pressures our Gedolei Yisroel” about vaccines or what-not.

    Better to ask your LOR rather than rely on what the Internet claims gedolim said or didn’t say.

  10. Anyone who is anti Vax cause they read the science, won’t change their mind because of a tragic death.
    Cause no matter how tragic each death is, the vaccine is not the answer… And it has not even been tested to reduce mortality.
    Don’t take my word for it, read the study at clinical trials. Gov.

    But here is the best part! THIS WOMEN WAS VACCINATED! IT’S A LIE THE MEDIA TRIES TO CREATE! How do we know that?
    Watch Yossi Davidoff investigative reporter in Israel! It’s pure bluff, this women was vaccinated!

  11. I honestly don’t follow his logic. Sure, he now realized that COVID is deadly. What does that have to do with the vaccine? I see myself it works, but he has been an avid denier of reality for so long. What changed? “I see now that the vaccine works”…