SEE THIS EXPLOSIVE EXCHANGE: Rep Jim Jordan Vs Dr Fauci Regarding Pandemic Restrictions


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A congressional hearing on the pandemic turned personal when Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) loudly attacked Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease doctor, about when Americans will be able to stop taking public health precautions like wearing masks and physical distancing.

Rep. Jordan (R-OH) demands Dr. Fauci give him a date for the end of COVID mitigation measures: “15 days to slow the spread turned into 1 year of lost liberty.”

Fauci says: “I don’t look at this as a liberty thing, Congressman Jordan. I look at this as a public health thing.”

Rep. Jim Jordan: “Are we gonna be here two years from now wearing masks …?”

Dr. Fauci: “You’re ranting again.”

Rep. Jordan: “Here’s how it works, Dr. Fauci. I get to ask you the questions.”

See the videos below:



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  1. Gym Jordan, another republican slime, doesn’t care about the life or health of the citizens of the U.S.
    Asking for a date when it will end is as dumb as asking when will the chemo r’l be over for a cancer patient.

  2. Jordan is obnoxious. Not even letting the guy speak. I guess the assumption is that the people in here just care to hear that the question was asked and fauci was shambled. The answer clearly is not important.

  3. Did anyone ever say that Dr Fauci could predict the future? With today’s kochi v’otzem yodi philosophy, we expect that the “experts” know everything. I think that we have to take both sides with a grain of salt.
    As maaminim bnei maaminim, we need to follow the directions of our Rabbanim who factor in sofek pikuach nefesh.

  4. I like Jim Jordan’s message! He is bold and tough, true, but Faucci has been celebrated as the world’s biggest authority on the matter and, like the congressman said, he’s beholden to no one. He has no one to be answerable to. America is listening to a guy who has grandstanding himse6as the one who knows it all! So, Jordan challenges him to tell us. He doesn’t know! The simple truth is he doesn’t know.

  5. You are missing the point of Jordan’s question “when will it end”? Of course there is no exact date. But how long will masks be mandated? How long will people be out of work? How long will mamy public schools be closed? This can’t be infinite. There’s needs to be reason. It doesn’t matter if there are “high infection rates” in some places. As long as the hospitalization and deaths rates continue to drop….we must “open up”.
    Unfortunately Fauci has an unelected cushy job and doesn’t have to answer to the voters.

  6. Rep. Jim Jordan is so correct, and this slimy creature fauci has systematically lied thru his teeth, and accomplished exactly nothing.
    Every vaccination in America is on the coattails of president Donald Trump, and has so absolutely nothing to do with any achievements of fauci.

  7. Go take the 3rd (and probably then a 4th 5th and 6th) vaccine cause Dr Faucci “thinks that it might help, but still wear your mask.

  8. I humbly Disagree with you all, Dr Fauci is a pure disgrace, while one of the only few true left patriots in our capital in Washington DC. Is Jim Jordan, he is a real conservative and has stood up for all the rights that we deserve, the fact is that Garbage Pelosi hates Jim so much, the Disparaging comments she displays in front of him on a daily basis, the fact is Fauci, Pelosi and the rest of the entire “swamp” is against Jim Jordan in any way possible, so if we still want, a United States of America NOT BE A SOCIALIZED COUNTRY IT IS BECAUSE THE VERY FEW TRUE PATRIOTS LIKE JIM JORDAN

  9. Rt his question was what percentage is needed for restrictions to be lifted and fauci refused to give a number how is that obnoxious?
    Fauci just kept saying when numbers drop but refused to say until how much

  10. As much as Dr. Fauci may be an expert in this area, it’s hard to say he or anyone else for that matter really contributed positively to this health (and Liberty) crises. Remember him saying how wrong it would be to wear a mask? Remember Cuomo begging people not to buy masks? Well that was the beginning of the massive spread. And remember that it’s all Trumps fault, of course!