DEBLASIO’S VIOLENT NYC: 30 Shot In Bloody Weekend


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According to NYPD data, at least 30 people were shot around NYC this past weekend.

Ten shooting victims were reportedly shot in 8 different incidents, including one which left an NYPD Lieutenant shot as he struggled with an armed suspect in the Bronx.

18 people were shot on Saturday, including one incident which left 10 people shot in Queens.

The rest were shot on on Sunday.

As of Sunday night, there have been at least 903 shootings and over 1,061 victims in the city, compared to 777 shootings and 944 victims during the same time period last year, according to NYPD data.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Joe Biden in Tulsa:
    “WHITE supremacy is the greatest threat facing this Nation.”
    It’s gotten terrible. Blacks are afraid to go commit violent crimes because they fear they may meet a white supremacist as they leave their apartment. When will Mrs. Emhoff get serious with punishing whites?!

  2. In other words, has as bad as crime was under Giuliani. Why don’t you check facts before you create a false narrative. And thereby look even more unreliable as you already are. Unnamed editor.

  3. anything and everything about democrats is death and destruction: crime goes un-punished, abortions and gay marriage are the law of the land, terror orgs (PLO) and states (iran) get public US funding. Truly, the democrat party is demonic.