DRAMATIC FOOTAGE: Virginia Police Officer Narrowly Pulls Partner To Safety During Crash


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A Gate City police officer’s quick action likely prevented anyone from being seriously hurt in a crash Sunday.

Dashcam footage showed Officer Matthew Stewart pulling Officer Jessica McGraw out of the path of a patrol vehicle which was struck by a vehicle which lost control.

The incident happened on Highway 23S at mile marker 6. Officer Stewart had responded to the scene of a crash investigation upon Officer McGraw’s request to assist with clarification of an issue regarding a driver’s license status.

As the officers discussed the situation, a car traveling on the northbound side of Highway 23 lost control, crossed the median, and struck the left front of McGraw’s patrol vehicle. Stewart noticed the vehicle coming toward them and was able to react just in time to grab McGraw and pull her out of the path of the vehicles.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)