BIDEN’S AMERICA: N.J. Gas Prices Rise Again Just Days After Hitting 7-Year High


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Gas prices have surged again in New Jersey and around the nation with double-digit increases in the Garden State at a time of year that usually sees decreases due to a drop in demand.

AAA Mid-Atlantic says the average price of a gallon of regular gas in New Jersey on Friday was $3.43, up 12 cents from a week ago. Drivers were paying an average of $2.23 a gallon a year ago at this time.

On Wednesday, New Jersey’s average price per gallon for regular was $3.39, marking a high it had last hit on Aug. 6, 2014, when the price reached $3.38.

The national average price on Friday for a gallon of regular gasoline was $3.37, up seven cents from last week. Drivers were paying $2.16 a gallon on average a year ago at this time.

Analysts say the increases, largely due to the cost of crude oil, leave consumers paying an average of $17 more to fill their vehicles than they did at this time a year ago.



  1. Gas prices are rising because of three key issues. One is the hurricanes in the Gulf that shut down refinement capacity that has yet to come back online. Capacity was also cut during the pandemic and has yet to come back online. These two are not Biden’s issue. The third reason is that demand has grown and as the economy picks up steam and as demand grows prices will rise. So when Trump’s America came to an economic standstill the prices of gas dipped into negative territory hobbling the nascent American fracking industry. In Biden’s American the economy is recovering and demand is rising as are prices. Yes, economic boom results in higher gas prices so Biden’ America of a growing economy is part of the reason that prices are rising and with prices at market value American fracking industry can once again become profitable. Thank you Biden.

  2. Republican Chris Christie boosted the gas tax making gas in NJ no longer cheap. Perhaps people in NJ should be trusted to fill their own tanks like in the rest of America. It may help lower prices a bit.

  3. Crazykanoi u should change your name to delusionalkanoi. Economic growth is anemic. Unemployment is still high. Gas prices are at a 7 year high. Inflation is ridiculous at this point, getting worse every month. His response? Keep keystone pipeline closed. Tighten regulations on domestic drilling and cry like an impotent loser to OPEC. Moreover, his response to record inflation is to increase spending. Crazykanoi, not sure what your education level is but it can’t be too high as both you and President Doofus don’t understand economics 101. Let me help u out: Inflation is caused by too much money chasing too few goods. The absolute LAST thing one does to get out of an inflationary cycle is to increase spending.

  4. @crazy Is this what you listen to on mainstream media?
    Biden first move was to shut down the largest pipeline project in the country
    He also slowed US production so we are not producing enough to be self reliant
    Trump made sure America could supply its own gas so we wouldn’t have to beg OPEC to save us

  5. The empty shelves are also because of “high demand” of course
    Something else we can thank Biden for
    I would wish he would drop dead but the only person worse than him is that goat Kamala

  6. Oh, I get it. When the price goes up it’s former President Trump’s personal fault. When the prices go down it’s due to the hard diligent work of the fearless tireless Joe Biden.