WATCH: Biden Mocks Trump’s COVID Diagnosis, Says He Worked During COVID, While Trump Didn’t

President Joe Biden arrives to speak in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, July 27, 2022. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

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President Joe Biden ended his COVID-19 isolation on Wednesday, telling Americans they can “live without fear” of the pandemic if they take advantage of booster shots and treatments, the protections he credited with his swift recovery.

“You don’t need to be president to get these tools to be used for your defense,” he said in the Rose Garden. “In fact, the same booster shots, the same at-home test, the same treatment that I got is available to you.”

And he paid tribute to vaccinations, which he said allowed him to stay in the White House in contrast to President Donald Trump who had to be airlifted to hospital.

‘Here’s the bottom line: “When my predecessor got COVID, he had to get helicoptered to Walter Reed Medical Center.”

“He was severely ill. Thankfully, he recovered.”

“When I got COVID, I worked from upstairs in the White House.”

It was Biden’s first public appearance in person since he tested positive for COVID-19 on July 21. He walked out of the White House on Wednesday wearing his trademark aviator glasses and a dark face mask, which his doctor said he’ll continue wearing when in proximity to others for five more days.

White House staff assembled in the Rose Garden applauded Biden, who thanked them for their support as he finished his remarks.

“God bless you all, and now I get to go back to the Oval Office,” he said.

(AP / YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. YWN: why do you have to run these news articles? They make you look bad, partisan, dishonest, and you lose credibility. This looks like 147 wrote it to mock conservatives. There are sooo many issues with this president and you need to make up stuff that’s not there? Why? Why do you like to shoot yourselves in the foot?

  2. Joe is one tough guy. I contribute his ability to fight and defeat this deadly Covid disease, where others have failed, to all the immunity he built up, fighting on the killing fields of Vietnam and Cambodia alongside Richard Blumenthal. Unlike the privileged white racist male draft dodging Trump, Joe put his life on the line when his Country came calling for him. This big defeat of Covid, makes Joe a real American hero. We are so fortunate to have him as the leader of the free world.

  3. I am no Biden fan but this is so unfair. What a low shot. Makes me think even less of him, if that’s possible. When Trump got Covid, it was a much much more severe version and there were no vaccines yet available. The only reason this guy got off so easily with Covid is BECAUSE Trump pushed vaccine production and so it was available for Biden to have his 4 (5, 6, 7…) doses.

  4. Aside from not having to be taken by helicopter to the hospital and working through his brief isolation, he didn’t demand that the secret service take him on a joy ride around the white house in the big limo so he could wave at the tourists.

  5. Such a dumb comment. Everyone knows the original strain was much more deadly. Now the strains going around are much milder even in the non vaccinated. Pretty obvious so what is he bragging about, as if he’s healthier than trump?

  6. This is an unnacceptable headline. Biden does not mock Trump. And this is far from the only time that YWN has botched headlines. I come here because of the Lashon Hara policy. But YWN – get you act together. Stop injecting your opinions – sometimes objectively wrong, and sometimes sunbjectively offensive – into the headlines. Garner some self respect, and act like a respectable news outlet, not a tabloid. It is embarrasing us.

  7. Only morons are going to believe this liar after after he took bold-clotting, DNA modifying experimental shots 4 times and still getting infected and sick?

  8. Typical democrat. Making fun of a republican because he was more ill at the time. I’d rather have Trump back in office then this addlebrained dodo.

  9. I hate Joe, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this is mocking Trump. I’d say that he’s trying to take credit for the vaccine that was developed by the Trump administration.

  10. I think I would have preferred that Biden did not work while he had COVID.

    It’s always better for the country when he does not work to implement his policies.

  11. For those who are claiming sleepy Joe did not mock President Trump, I urge you to watch the entire clip because he definitely was. Sleepy Joe is so sleepy, that he fails to realize he is not in a position to mock President Trump.

    There are very many possible reasons why the president went to Walter Reed when he got China virus. One of the reasons was because it was early on and they didn’t know how to treat it. The second reason was because it was much earlier and the president obviously got a much harder strain than the water down version sleepy Joe got. Sleepy Joe also made a stupid claim about President Trump not being vaccinated, which is complete 100% bull manure. President Trump had been vaccinated.

    All in all you have a senile old bat in the White House who has no idea what’s going on. He doesn’t know what happened yesterday. He’s busy shaking hands with plain air. He’s having conversations with the Easter Bunny who has to move him away from the press before he says something stupid .

    I’m sure this is what the libtards signed up for. In the meantime, we cannot wait for the next election and then the 2024 election. Somehow, some way, I hope the Democrat cheating is found out before and the Democrats are hung on a stick where they should be.

  12. @ not getting involved, you are so fortunate to have Biden as the president???? I hope you also feel fortunate that your daily expenses went up skyrocketing! Thanks to Joe Biden for putting the economy in the drain and for making the gas prices go up, all the guy is concerned is that people should talk about covid all day long, I think he will be buried with a mask when he will rest in piece

  13. Developing the vaccine, operation “Warp Speed” and Regeneron used to be Trump’s headline claim at the MESHUGAH rallies. Once his chassidim started booing him for even mentioning it, he now totally avoids the subject and prefers to focus on stolen elections and his lovelife in North Korea.