WATCH: Hafganos Against “Non-Kosher” Cell Phone Store On Malchei Yisroel Street In Yerushalayim


Large Hafganos were taking place on Malchei Yisroel Street in Yerushalayim, Sunday night.

The Toldos Avraham Yitzchak Rebbe instructed his Chassidism to protest against a cell phone store on Malchei Yisroel that has been selling phones that are “not-Kosher”.

This store has been the scene of many Hafganos in the past two years. Reports state that the Rebbe himself participated in this evening’s Hafganah.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Nonsense!
    How many times I go to a kinnus or public shiur and all sorts of people pull out these phones to record proceedings. I even attended a levaya where the maspid was out of view but people standing far away tuned in on zoom to follow the speeches in real time. Start with the chinuch at home and teach your children how to live without such things. Those who need them, let them do so after taking their Rov’s advice whether or not to have one and when to use it. Before buying, talk to TAG to ensure the one you get is filtered.

  2. Good for them. So many reasons to get rid of the cells. One, to avoid exposure to the e-kadeshos. Two, to avoid cellular radiation, especially now with the rollout of the 5G, like another of the depop conspiracies. I hope there will be an opportunity to tear up that infrastructure soon. I need to research where in Yisroel they haven’t rolled out the 5G if I’m to return. Three, to avoid constant surveillance. If you learn near a phone’s mic, you may as well be saying shiur to some aku”m NSA employee. You have no reasonable expectation of privacy near one of those devices. Even tho text searches to look up vaguely remembered sugiyos in shas and one-click Jastrow totally changed my learning, could do all that offline if I prepared for it…

  3. What great chinuch to all these kids that attended. Seriously, why couldn’t the rebbe instruct his chassidim to do something constructive- maybe call a evening of learning or some other idea. Is this hafgana, which not only causes chillul hashem and is mevatal zman, really necessary? Is this shop really going to close down because of some people who’s outlook on life is slightly different protest?

  4. Shmendrick, trust me, simple phones do as good of a job surveilling on you as an iPhone.

    JustPls: fighting for Jewish values is a constructive kiddush hashem.

  5. “Seriously, why couldn’t the rebbe instruct his chassidim to do something constructive- maybe call a evening of learning or some other idea.” – The Rebbe, shlita, who is himself on a level in learning with most Roshei Yeshivos, often does call for evenings of learning, and under his influence his chassidim do spend most of their time learning and are known for the enormous amount of chessed they do.

  6. If these miscreants had been smarter {which they most definitely are not} they would have protested מוצאי שבת when the police were already tied up with these evil liberals protesting in T.A.

  7. I think the best Hafgana in the world is to go into a Bais Medrash and start learning. I mean serious learning–not to play with the phone–
    not to shmuz–
    only to learn and learn and learn and you will see that all of a sudden, things are going to change very quickly and all for the good in the merit of sincerely studying Torah with a smile a Geshmack.

  8. A quiet demonstration
    Stand there like benay Torah
    all well and good
    But when they clash with police
    Set fire to bins …… hurt innocent pedestrians….. then it seems the same as football hooliganism
    An outlet for frustration
    A Frum gym could help

  9. Kohn is entitled to have his chassidim “demonstrate” peacefully against the sale of a totally legal product. However, when these hafganos turn violent, he and his hooligans he incites are entitled to be dragged into taxpayer funded housing in the local prison along with other felons while awaiting criminal charges.

  10. The zionist police initiated the violence. Eretz Yisroel belongs to yirei Hashem. Who are the Police to stop us from demonstrating against what the Torah clearly forbids, or at least some rabbis and rebbes say is prohibited? They have to keep control of their subjects somehow and stopping them from being a part of the modern world is how they try and do it. The very fact that there are so many of these “demonstrations” shows how utterly they are failing.

  11. Does anyone know the name of the injured to daven for him. Concerning the acts of violence, I tend to suspect they were the work of agents provocateurs planted by the police to give an excuse for violent responses. This suggests that those who plan such demonstrations should publicize rules of conduct and appoint sadranim to make sure all the demonstrators behave properly.

  12. I bet you that Rebbe’s Shamoshim and their people have WhatsApp and text so they can collect donations.

    Plus you have a option to buy Kosher anything anytime anywhere so why is the Rebbe bringing a Machklokes to am Yisroel and making criminals out of the youth.


  13. Its unclear why the security forces show such restraint against violence. Perhaps someone can take this Rav aside and explain the parameters of allowable free expression and demonstrations and how he and his followers can stay within the scope of the law w/o having their heads bashed in the violence that seems to always be associated with these hafganos. Of course, there will always be some who excuse the violence by claiming it was the result of “provocateurs” (perhaps the same guys from ANTIFA who provoked the January 6th “peaceful demonstration”.

  14. Here’s a better idea. Speak with the owner of the store. If he isn’t sensitive to the needs of the community, then the community should refrain from purchasing anything in the store. His business won’t survive.

  15. Doom777
    In our time “Rav” is for profit business and just as time of 2nd Beis Hamikdash where kohannim were paid and bought for today the faith in Rebbe is next to nothing. The Rebbe, Rav is unfortunately for profit BUSINESS.
    So you want a Shalom Alichim from Rav you better cough up pretty penny.