NYPD Officer Shot In The Bronx [VIDEOS]


A police officer was shot in the Bronx early Tuesday morning while patrolling an area known to police for gang activity.

Two uniformed officers from the Public Safety team were patrolling East Tremont in an unmarked car when they saw two men on the corner of East 183rd Street and Prospect Avenue.

As the officers drove up to the men, one of the suspects fired six shots at the vehicle, striking the windshield and the officer in the passenger seat, according to police.

Both officers then exited the vehicle and returned fire.

The shot officer’s partner, a seven year veteran, rushed him to the hospital in his police cruiser, all while calling in descriptions of the suspects.

The officer, identified by the mayor as Officer Lee, is a three year veteran assigned to the 48th Precinct’s Public Safety Team.

They took a 16-year-old into custody and found a .32 caliber gun on him.

Initial video review shows those shots were not fired at the pursuing officers, but toward the corner where the men were standing, according to police.

Investigators recovered two .380 caliber shell casings from in front of the building.

A man dressed in a black sweatshirt and blue jeans is seen on the video firing a gun in front of the building before fleeing in a car.

Police are still searching for two men connected to the shootings.



  1. I watched the entire video. Not once did any of the people who took to the mic, ever mention the race of the suspects and those they are persuing. Chris Wray and Joe Biden are correct. WHITE supremacy is THEE greatest threat facing this Nation! Those citizens in the Bronx, who as mentioned, were shooting out of their housing complex window, are absolutely petrified of white guys wearing maga hats roaming around their neighborhood. No question about it. Same with South Chicago.

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