David Lichtenstein And The Clintons, Part II


dl.jpgA few months ago, YWN posted the news that Mr. David Lichtenstein – the CEO of the Lightstone Group – was hosting a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in his (former) Lakewood home. (Link to article HERE)

It seems that Mr. Lichtenstein just can’t get enough of the Clinton’s….

Here is the text from the newest invitation from Mr. Lichtenstein to a Hillary fundraiser in his Monsey home:

“You are cordially invited to cocktails and conversation with President William Jefferson Clinton in support of Hillary Clinton for President Tuesday, February 26, 2008 8:30 PM. The home of David & Shiffy Lichtenstein Wesley Hills, New York. $2,300 per person. Please make checks payable to “Hillary Clinton for President” RSVP to Samantha Maltzman or call 212-213-3717. Contributions to Hillary Clinton for President are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President.”

It is interesting to note, that Mr. Lichtenstein went onto a public radio station (Zev Brenner) after the first event, and claimed that Lakewood Yeshiva (BMG) “asked” him to host the fundraiser. Additionally, in an email written by Mr. Lichtenstein he wrote the following “I’ve been asked to host this by the Yeshiva [Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry]”


  1. $5,000,000 loan divided by $2,300 /per person = 2,174 people

    he will need to host of few more of thes events to help hilary pay back the 5M loan that she and bill gave to her sure to fail campaign.

  2. Why are you bashing a big Baal Tzedoka? Dovid comes to LKWD & writes tons of checks on Purim. He has given Bikur Cholim houses & subsidizes PCS classes.

    Is there any aveirah to host the Clintons?

    He can invite anyone he wants into his house & if you don’t want to go to support these people, don’t. But this attack on a prominent Baal Chessed is tasteless!!

  3. Where exactly does YW attck Mr. Lichtenstein???

    He just posted the actual invitation!

    Please, grow up and go back to your desk at the Lightstone Group before David catches you blogging.

  4. lkwdfellow perhaps you can show everyone where the “bashing” is?

    I think yeshivaworld wrote a very respectful article.

    we are all waiting for your response.

  5. “Is there any aveirah to host the Clinton’s?”


    This is who he brings into his home? A mushchis? A person who committed adultary?
    Uvichukosheyhem loseyleychu!

    These are who he wants his kids to idolize.

    Shame on him.
    And no this is not Lashon Hara. When someone hosts a fundraiser for the president, it is in the public. (Just spoke to my Rov)

  6. Did David E-V-E-R host TWO fundraisers withen three months for the same TZEDAKAH at $2,300 a plate?


  7. I wish I could ask Mr. Lichtenstein one question:

    Reb Duvid, between Hillary and Obama I undertand why you choose Hillary.

    However, why support for Hillary when you have other options? I just don’t get it.

    Does not McCain represents your political leanings more than Hillary? Or are you an Ann Coulter chosid.

    I know you are not one of those talkradio cool aid drinkers because you had a fundraiser for Hillary in Lakewood way before you even knew who the Republican nominee was.

    Why this Hillary lovefest?

  8. Is Hillary Rotten Clinton going to be there? Oh wait she’s not running – its her “husband” who is really running for office.

    This is a Chlul Hashem!! hundreds of thousand of dollars of Yiddishe gelt is being THROWN at these bums, when yidden all over are nebach suffering financially!! my stomach cant bear this!

    And don’t tell me this is GOOD for the jews “oh, were oiling the Clintons, so when we need a favor….” look who’s still in prison!.. and in 8 years tell me WHAT DID BILL DO FOR ERETZ YISROEL!!!! (in case you forgot, he almost had over 90% of EY handed to Arafat YM”S) you think for one second the Clintons care about Eretz Yisroel? Yerushalyim? You had 8 years to see what the Clintons are all about!!!

    ג הוו זהירין ברשות שאין מקרבין לו לאדם אלא לצורך עצמן נראין כאוהבין בשעת הנאתן ואין עומדין לו לאדם בשעת דוחקו

    3. Be careful in your relations with the government; for they draw no man close to themselves except for their own interests. They appear as friends when it is to their advantage, but they do not stand by a man in his time of stress.

  9. This item is dripping with sarcasm and does in fact make the writers disdain for what Mr. Lichtenstein is doing pretty clear. Anyone who claims it is a balanced item is either being dishonest or believes the JP, Yated et al are also balanced legitimate news sources. I would have expected more from TYW.

    Editors, I have no problem with the facts here, just how it is written. enough sinah already. If someone wants to support a presidential candidate (even a losing one) so be it.

  10. Here is my response: by saying it seems that dovid can’t get enough of the Clintons – YW is offering an opinon which is uncalled for. Not reporting!

    Bashing may not be the right word, but fair reporting would not describe the tone that YW is using.

  11. # 2 Mr Lichtenstein said on the Zev Brenner show that when Aron Kutler heard that he was hosting a fund raiser to have it moved to Lakewood. NOT THAT he asked him to host a fund raiser.

  12. I would imagine that most intellegent Jews would be very concerned about Obama winning. His middle name is Hussain, his father is a Moslem, and he studied for 2 years in a midrassa. His “Rov” in Chicago of the Church he attends is a noted pro palestinian – anti Israel voice.

    There is a very good chance that Democrat will win, and as Jews we have to be very scared about a President Obama

    From everything Ive read on this blog, its amazing how few people recognise the urgency of this situation.

  13. Why is it not fair reporting? It sure is!
    YW is just stating the facts. The fact is that Mr. Lichtenstein can’t get enough of them.


    As was written above, when was the last time David did this for a Tzedaka?

  14. balchesed,
    Mr. Lichtenstein is NOT doing this for KLALL YISROEL. Don’t be blinded!!

    Mr. Lichtenstein, you may be the biggest ball chessed, and I commend you for that! In my humble opinion (no, I’m not rich financially– but im still am entitled to an opinion) you have no moral backbone, and can easily be persuaded to give up your kavod as a yid (shlo usani goy) for the ‘kovod’ of having a low-life enter your yiddisher steib!

  15. People are entitled to their money to whom they chose. Whether they leave millions to their dog or to host the Clintons. It’s just sad though to see all these frum people show up at this $2300 a plate dinner and readily shell out thousands when so many of their fellow yidden don’t have Parnassah.

  16. i think we need to take a vacation from the WABC airwaves and dial back the vehemence. NONE of the candidates has our moral structure and to vilify anyone who is in a position to help the community is misguided. the tone of the reporting lacked the usual even-handedness but that may reflect the RushLimbaugh-like kano’us that is so popular on YWN. everyone take a break and say Shir HaShirim. thats a better use of the day today.

  17. ——————————————————————————–

    Where exactly does YW attck Mr. Lichtenstein???

    He just posted the actual invitation!

    Please, grow up and go back to your desk at the Lightstone Group before David catches you blogging.

    Comment by BMG Coffee Room — February 15, 2008 @ 12:03 pm

    His opening line about him “not getting enough” is an attack. lkwd fellow I agree with you 100% this guy is a massive baal tzedaka, and no gadol ever told him NOT to host her. BMG asked him to host it, or host in Lakewood, depending on what you want to believe. But either way nobody ever told him NO, and he is taking care of his PR.

    There are just somethings that a guy in the back of the simcha room/beis shalom/alumni/Irv with a tasters choice and a Marlboro cant understand. Talmud Chochom get back to the beis medrash.

    P.S. the simcha room/beis shalom/alumni/Irv comes from people like him, so before you start talking bad, take a look around and see the amenities you have. They are beautiful.

  18. When was the last time he did this for tzedoko? Non of our business!

    What he see in the Clintons? Duh, he is a businness man, this is a business decision. Each and every one of us make our own cheshbonois for what suits us, this suits him.

    Guliani, who most of us supported, cheated on his wife! So what, if we thought he was the one to support we did.
    I hate Hillary, but lay of this guy.

  19. “no gadol ever told him NOT to host her”

    how do you know that???????????

    how about proving us that info.
    how about telling us which gadol he colsulted with?

    and no, not rabbi horowitz from monsey.
    which GADOL he spoke with.


  20. 08701, I never said he is doing it for Klall Yisroel. I don’t care why he is doing it. That was not my point. I just think presenting the news is ok, offering up a skewed presentation of News is another.
    As an aside… when Clinton (Mr. or Mrs.) visits the rebbes and rabbomin, and they all fawn over them, where is the outrage?

  21. “People are entitled to give their money to whom they chose”

    not if they are a Yid
    not according to the Torah.
    it is NOT THEIR money.
    this is basic to being a Jew and a servant of H”KBH

  22. YeshivaWorld did not “bash” anyone.

    The commenter Lkwd-somthing-or-another, please grow up.

    YeshivaWorld has all the right to post this. There is nothing wrong written above.

    I listen to Mr. Lichtenstein on the radio. He did say that BMG asked his to host it, and also he is very proud of these events.

    Let everyone grow up.

    A Frum person is hosting not one, but TWO fundraisers for a presidential candidate.

    YES, that is major news.

    Thanks to YeshivaWorld for bringing this to our attention.

    Have a good Shabbos.

  23. good points, Fester Guy in Lakewood!

    Thanks to YW for posting this urgent news.

    PS: The biggest joke will be when she loses the election. Actually, that would not be such a joke……All that money wasted….

    Actually….it’s being wasted already….

    Oh well.

  24. Yochi (22) wrote “Duh, he is a businness man, this is a business decision”

    That is precisely the point! businness advantage overides pricipals…

  25. #21 shmendrik –
    How do you prove that someone didn’t say something? Do you want a witness to the non-discussion?

    #22 fun unzere –
    1) It’s common to call former presidents “President” as a title.
    2) You should probably look up what “impeached” means, as you seem to think that it took away the standing of “president” from Bill Clinton.

  26. This is really pathetic..

    He’s a private citizen exercising his private right to support whoever the heck he wants in a free society.

    Why on earth is this an issue??

  27. dol, it’s not an issue at all.
    It N-E-W-S.

    when a frum person host two fundraisers for hillary clinton in three months…..that is major news.

    stop nitpicking here.

    vote huckabee!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Oh please – will everyone get a life stop bashing
    Lichtenstein – He didn’t get to where he is at by being a lemming & listening to every chochom to decide what he should/may do with his money or who he should vote for. I’m sure he has his reasons & I wish him well.
    Personally, I despise the Clintons as they are the biggest lying & cheating & mushchosedige immoral low lives (even amongst fellow politicians). I am a registered republican & my leanings & shittos are most in line with the conservatives I would never vote for Clinton.
    But this a free country & also as far as I know there is no psak as to whom one may or may not vote for.
    By voting for a candidate one does NOT in any way endorse their moral character or even all their political views. Anyone thinking otherwise, has a very shallow & naive understanding of politics.
    We are not electing a Rov or Rebbe or even the gabai of a shul.
    We need somone who we believe to be the best person for the job of running the country & keeping it safe & that will our interests in mind.
    Everyone, (even Lichtenstein) is entitled to decide for themselves who that is & to help win.
    It is nobody elses business. I salute Mr. Lichtenstein for caving in to the rabble rousers of the coffe room.

  29. Two weeks ago many prominent Brooklyn community leaders put out a letter endorsing Hillary. Satmar endorsed her. Skver will vote for her. She has been winning the Jewish vote. I have yet to see any frum group endorsing Obama. So why are they bashing David. Is it just plain old jealousy. Maybe he has better vision then us and realized that she was the better of the two evils. She is in desperate need of cash and votes now so why wouldn’t he step in now and help.

  30. I think your expecting too much from David Lichtenstein ! You assume that he shares hashkofos of the yeshivah community because he once learnt in Lakewood, GET OVER IT he does not.
    He gives tzadoka and does chesed and should be commended for it , he does not have to agree with the philosophy of the orthodox yeshivah world and does not.If you feel that his views must coincide with yours dont solicite his charity or chesed.

  31. David is a wonderful person, where is your appreciation for all his work for the Klal? PCS, Bikur Cholim, and hundreds of other tzedokos that most of you don’t know about. you don’t have to agree with everything he does, but don’t bash him. Yeshiva World, i am surprised at the tone in which you reported this story it is really one sided and stirring up senseless nasty remarks. Absolutely nothing good can come from talking about this.

  32. DoL:

    It certainly is an issue. Private Right??? we are bound by the torah to do what’s right. Judaism is no “free society”. And use Ur language SWE than YW

  33. hey worker? since you are callking this yw report “bashing” (which it is not), I’m sure you heard the radio show where david “bashed” yeshivaworld.


    get over it.

  34. David is a nice fellow.
    But guess what? Politics is a dirty business.

    He stuck his nose in, and now he’s getting the smell.

    Hey david? How does it smell?

    yummy? yummy in my tummy? yummy yummy in my tummy!

    yay for david!

    david lichtenstein endorses hillary!

    your former chavrusa.

  35. David may or may not be a machsiv torah or bal tzedakah ,but he is a smart businessman .Even if hillary loses the election she will still be senator from ny,one of the most powerfull people in the countrey.This will turn out to be a very good investment.

  36. Sure. Problem with David?
    Not at all.

    We simply are reporting news.
    As a commentator above wrote, this is pretty big news that a prominent Baal Tzedakah from our Kehilla is hosting his second fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.

    We have no agenda here.

    Leave it to the bloggers to try and twist words either way….
    “YW said this, YW said that. He meant this, he meant that”

    We meant nothing more than reporting a 100% accurate story.

    On another note, all the people who have tried submitting comments which are blatant Lashon Hara, and Motzei Shem Ra: Please stop submitting the comments. You know who you are.
    Please grow up.
    They will not be approved.

  37. Y.W. Editor,

    I don’t think you are being truthful. This comment
    “It seems that Mr. Lichtenstein just can’t get enough of the Clinton’s…” is obviously meant to put him down for what he is doing.

    This is not “just reporting the news”. You obviously were adding your own views.

  38. i agree with Lakewoodfellow, and bmg coffee room- I think you missed the boat. While I think it is wrong to support the clintons, Lichtenstein doing so isn’t something to get worked up about- especially considering the tzedekah he gives. He may be doing this because he needs Clinton’s support (she’s the senetor of NY, remember) for some business project.
    Also, people who want to critisize the supporting of the Clintons should aim the criticizing at BMG, who because of their own $ interests have come out as a “Torah institution” and supports liberal demecrats. I think a mokoim Torah like that (and it IS) should be held more accountable.
    Also, Y. W, Editor- I saw your response, and it’s hard to swallow that you “simply are reporting the news,” when you add “Mr. Lichtenstein just can’t get enough of the Clintons”- I’m no editorial expert, but to a simple guy like me, that sounds like you have a slant on this story.

  39. YW Editor (#40),
    Firstly, as stated above by others, the way you wrote that Dovid can’t get enough of the Clintons was dripping with sarcasm. Maybe it was unintended, but it definitely gave the impression that you have a problem with him.

    Moderators Note: The second part of your comment was “taken care of”. The comment in question was edited. Take a look.

  40. “It seems that Mr. Lichtenstein just can’t get enough of the Clinton’s….”
    I don’t know for sure but I think if you took a poll amongst unzere menchen (frum) & you showed them the above quote (including the whole report)I would wager that 90% would say that it has a negative conotation. Be honest.

  41. I just consulted with my Rov, and he informed me that I am permitted to make the following comment directed to Mr. Lichtenstein (who is for sure reading this stuff).

    David, I know you a long time, and you are a Baal Tzedakah. However, it is very obvious that you have a political agenda here (which you are entitled to).

    I will only tell you that your ture friends are disgusted by the fact that you brought Hillary into the heart of Lakewood, and now bringing Bill into the heart of Monsey.

    No excuse of “BMG asked me to do it” is an answer.
    If someone asks you to eat Chazir (and you do), will you tell god “my friend asked me to eat it?”

    Vehamayvin Yavin.

    You can vote for whoever you want, but the way you are doing this is insane.

    $2,300 a plate for these lowlifes? And not one fundraiser, but two.
    I am sick from this story.

    There are hundreds of people who can’t make Shabbos or pay their mortgages (not Kollel folks, but hard-working people) – have you made two fundraisers for Tomnchei Shabbos at $2,300 per plate?
    Have you called every single one of the companies which you do business with and harrassed them for $2,300 for “our” organizations?

    Good luck.

  42. seriously why does anyone care? anyone of you are anyways planning on going? let him do what ever he wants. he’s a big boy and can make his own decisions.

  43. IkeshUphsaltol
    No you’re wrong…
    As long as you don’t violate Dinei Torah..you have absolutely no De’ah to mix into anyones business.
    This is a grey area…colored by strong opinions and NOT black and white issurim….where you can lambast someone.

  44. YW thanks for bringing this story to the forefront. I have just called my Rov, and he will be speaking about this on Shabbos.

    I’m sure it will be a winner of a d’rasha!

    I’ll be sure to report back to everyone on motzei shabos what he said.

  45. i don’t think there was any sarcasm in how yw wrote this article.

    i do think that the bloggers who are questioning if yeshivaworld has a problem with david l. making fundraisers are just the people working in his offices.
    I also have reason to believe that they do not support david on this one bit, but have no choice.

    i would have suggested that yw ignore the request to make a statement, and let the issue at hand be descussed.

  46. Why would any ben torah make two fundraisers for a person who is a lowlife & lied to the entire world? (YW is not the proper place to discuss what our good pal Bill Clinton did).

  47. To grumpy in lkwd,

    When you find out who the Rov that David Lichtenstein consulted with prior to making these party’s, I’ll be more than glad to post the name of my Rov.

    Until then, have a good Shabbos.

  48. Your criticism is entirely misplaced.It is the responsibility of true askanim to help protect klal yisroel’s interests in many ways.One need not look back too far to remember the surprise win of George Pataki.Were it not for Dov Hikind and a small group of behind the scenes askonim ,the jewish community would have been well behind the 8-ball in their political relationships. The very nature of the political process requires lots of $ going to lots of different candidates,some times more openly than others .These are the needed hedges in the political process so that our community has open channels whatever the result.David ,as well as the others who do this al pi daas torah should be commended for their efforts.

  49. To all those with issues here:

    Go look at the Kovetz Maamorim (written by Rav Elchonon Wasserman HYD) and see what the Chofetz Chayim wrote about “kising up” to goyish politicians.

    There is “no” Heter in the world for this. This includes any candidates.

    Take a look, and report back to us.

    Shame on you all.

    Kudos to YW.

  50. Ok-
    Let us call it how it is; the way this story was written is dripping with sarcasm, distain or (fill in your adjective here).
    Anyone have a problem with David L? Simply do not show up at this fundraiser. He does not care about your opinion anyway. Perhaps his Rav that he consults, is his father, a very well respected Rav and an unbelievable Talmud Chacham.
    Bottom line is, by his Fundraiser last time there was a huge “Vote for Giuliani” Oilem on YW. Where are they now? Maybe David is on to something?

  51. why are you all getting so excited when there is no reason as David Lichtenstein could not care less what you think about him.

    I am sure all those organizations or private individuals will still go to him for money & they will take it gladly & ask him to double the check.

    I myself could not care less what he does & whom he invites, he is not the only one to invite politicians & i dont know or care if its right or wrong, but since when is it our business what on individual does in his private home.

    I have seen plenty of business people going out for diner in the city with women business associates for entertainment & have never heard anybody commenting, all of a sudden this guy is inviting sombody to his private home & this HUGH uproar !!

    Would you all like it if we will start checking who comes or goes to your homes, enough already every TOM, DICK & HARRY has on opinion but keep it all to yourself & Make rules in your own homes.

  52. Well said #60.

    Last time he made the fundraiser everyone was pumping Rudy. Where is he now. David obviously had the vision that she has a good chance of winning(which she still does and even if not will continue being a senator) and realized that some yiden have to support her.

    No one ask the Bnei Torah or the Rabanim to come. David is a businessman and does not claim to represent any Yeshiva or other Mosad. Fact is in Lakewood many askanim (won’t name any names) of the Yeshiva and community showed up.

  53. By using the word CLAIM instead of SAID, YW Editor is implying a certain amount of skepticism. This is reinforced by the quotes around the word “asked”. The overall impression is that YW Editor does not believe Mr. Lichtenstein. This is editorializing and not news reporting. However, it is the YW Editor’s site and he most certainly can present his views. He is not stating opinion as fact, but he is revealing a negative bias.


  54. Well!! What great Erev Shabbos posts!

    I must agree, I think the article is a tad sarcastic. But the truths as I see them are as follows:

    1. Mr. Lichtenstein has the right to spend his money how he wants. Whether spending it on such a rasha is a moral decision only he can make.

    2. One thing has nothing to do with another: giving Tzedaka doesn’t mean you can’t spend your money on other things.

    3. While I completely agree that a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton is not something a Frum Jew should do, again, it’s none of our business. I suggest we busy ourselves with seeing how we can help Jews in need & leave Mr. Lichtenstein to spend his money how he wants.

    And finally…jealousy/envy over someone’s wealth is not appropriate. And sadly, I read that underlying emotion in some posts. Let’s try to be nice, OK??

    Good Shabbos, everyone!

  55. to upshlugger;

    From Davids email it seems like Rabbi AAron Kotler and the lakewood Yeshiva asked him

    They have not denied it, notwithstanding the fact that he said so on public radio and in email

    thats your daas torah and rov

  56. To all those writing that its his money to spend as he wants and its none of our business:
    Assuming you’re right on the first point, I still don’t see how that takes away from anyone else’s right to offer their opinion on what he does. No one is coercing anyone to do anything.

    Of course you too have the right to opine as you like, including writing the comments to which I am currently replying. I just thought that maybe after reading this you’ll agree that your comments are irrelevant, and you’ll allow us to skip to the more relevant and interesting comments.

    Now if you’re posting an actual defense, that’s a different story altogether.

  57. for all those on one hand supporting david and his inalienable right to spend his money as he sees fits and on the other hand telling YWEditor how he should run his website and how he should write his stories and on and on and on…

    don’t you see the irony in this???

    It’s YWEditor and it is his website to write and edit – if we like what he writes, so be it, and if not, so be it.
    it’s david and it is his money and it is his right to spend as he sees fit – if we do not like how he spends his money, so be it and if we do like how how he spends it, so be it.

  58. #67 & #68

    did u really post u’r IMPORTANT comments on shabbos as reflected by the time stamp

    Y W


    Editors Note: Perhaps they live on the West Coast of the US? Perhaps they have different time zones? (As is the case…..)

  59. I really don’t care how some rich guys decide to waste their $2300 but to make such a dinner in Lakewood “Ir Hatorah” is disgusting. I don’t think R’ Aharon zt’l would have approved. Too bad the askonim of Lakewood are more worried about money than kovod hatorah

  60. @gezunt (73) WOW!!
    I’m looking for words that reflect your mindset.
    Narrow-minded and egocentric come to mind among others. As the editor pointed out, the world’s larger than your daled amos.

    (Of course this is besides what is probably a chiyuv d’oraysah in this case to be dan l’kaf z’chus – BEFORE you make your important comment.

  61. No, actually YW is a news reporting website, and get a life….every single newspaper endorsed a candidate. There are no opinions written here by the editors of YeshivaWorld. The only opinion ever written is about Neturei Karta.

    Anyone who is a long-time reader of YW knows this; and I’ve been around for close to three years.

    And one more thing, stop posting here – DAVID LICHTENSTEIN.