Out Of The Mailbag – To YW Editor (Rejected To Seminary)

Dear Yeshivaworld, As my husband and I are now in the “Parshah“, we have started receiving responses for my 12 grader; re: acceptance or rejection for the “privilege” to spend $20,000 for seminary in Eretz Yisroel. I would like to know the following from your readership: 1) Are the seminaries trying to clone an Aryan race by only accepting girls with an over 90 average? Does this average make you a Frummer or better person? I can understand that they will not accept a failing student, but shouldn’t acceptance be based on the interview – but more likely the report from the teachers and principals regarding etc? 2) Without mentioning the name of the seminary, I think it is disgusting the way they write their rejection letter by saying: “consider this a letter of non acceptance”. Where are the feelings? Where is the Menschlichkeit?! How can someone who composed such a letter be a Mechanech? Signed,  Disgusted mother who will not send her precious daughter to seminary.