VIRAL VIDEO: Boro Park Residents vs NYPD Traffic Agent Trying To Tow Vehicle; NYPD Investigating


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The attached footage went viral on social media on Thursday night.

According to information available to YWN, this incident occurred on Thursday morning at around 10:00AM at 15th Avenue and 44th Street.

The NYPD Traffic agent had written a summons to a vehicle allegedly parked illegally, and then proceeded to unlock the door to the vehicle, put it in neutral, and began to hook up the tow truck to tow the vehicle.

A man – possibly the vehicle’s owner – showed up, and encouraged by bystanders, is seen jumping into the vehicle and managing to speed off.

It should be noted, that multiple sources tell YWN that the vehicle was parked legally – although it seems that he was technically too close to a fire hydrant, and the agent had the legal right to tow the vehicle.

For reasons unknown, the bystanders proceeded to engage the Agent, degrading the officer.

“You are working in the wrong precinct, you should go to work in Harlem, where they will kill him over there”, one man is heard saying.

“This will all be on YouTube”, another was heard saying.

“Oh this is so great….he just worked for a half an hour to tow the car, and he lost it”.

“What a loser, what a loser”.

One Jewish man is heard telling the agent that he had no right to use foul language to the bystanders – reportedly used after the driver sped off. The man tells the agent “this is my place, this is not your place”, likely referring to the Boro Park community.

A spokesperson for the NYPD said the attack against the traffic agent was unacceptable.

“We will not tolerate our traffic agents being subject to abuse in any form, not the least of which is the ugly example we see in this video,” NYPD spokesman Lt. John Grimpel said.

“NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agents responded to the area at the request of community members and local representatives who were concerned about illegal parking conditions that impede the flow of traffic, including emergency vehicles. This is disgusting behavior against an agent who was doing his job to keep New Yorkers safe while exhibiting restraint and professionalism.”

A complaint has been filed with the 66th Precinct, and police said they have information belonging to the vehicle’s owner. He is expected to be charged with obstruction of governmental administration because he got in the way of a traffic agent doing his job.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “It should be noted, that multiple sources have confirmed to YWN that the vehicle was parked legally – although it seems that he was technically too close to the fire hydrant.”

    If it was technically too close to the fire hydrant then it wasn’t legal. But it’s still ridiculous of the agent to tow the car just because the driver didn’t use a tape measure to measure whether he was too close or far from the hydrant. The car was not in front of the hydrant and that’s what counts for people who use their their brains, which the agent obviously didn’t.

    But even if the driver is right, it’s so stupid to drive away, don’t you think they know who you are?! Take a video where your car is parked to prove you weren’t in front of the hydrant but don’t do something so stupid as to drive away.

    Some Yidden apparently don’t understand what it means to be a Jew! We are in golus!!! Did you people forget?! You have forgotten where you are! That a frum Jew can say “this is my place, this is not your place” then what have you learnt all your years in cheder, yeshiva, and in the Yiddishe home you grew up in?! I think it’s better to learn 6 hours of secular education every day if Yidden are not taught the basics of Yiddishkeit! Do you know our history?! Don’t be so arrogant, it’s only chesed Hashem that we are not being persecuted but there are no guarantees for the future!

  2. I’ve seen agents who are courteous. If the driver is nearby or in his car they will tell him to move. Then you have agents who you can claim are just doing their jobs, but they often look like they are delirious as they scour the neighborhood looking for their next victim. Around Sukkos I got a ticket for failure to display registration. This was a complete lie. My registration was and still is in the proper place. I filed a complaint against the agent. I got a call back from a supervisor who said she would look into it. A few weeks ago The supervisor called me back and told me “its my word against the agent, so there is really nothing I can do.” In this case, I would say just give the guy a ticket hes not blocking traffic.

  3. I’ll just write for every gd fearing reader. Then we can save our comments. This is awful behaviour of yidden that think they rule the world. One thing to try and get away without being towed (not going to comment as I dont know I wd pass that test) but to ridicule, to make such chilul Hashem. We owe our law enforcement some appreciation. When we need them we want them to be there for us. But even worse, as frum yidden people look at us to know how we are meant to act right

  4. So unbecoming to say the least, in every aspect , not how a yid should act, not how not how a yid should talk
    “looser” “Harlem” “youtube” all this immature, naive, and emty headed talk. Wrong in decency, wrong in torah’dig way and middos and a pure chillel Hashem ! What happened here is what they do in Harlem! and it is just plain dumb. the only thing that I could understand IS that the guy drove his car away ( though I wouldn’t of) he didn’t want to go thru the hassle of getting it back. Everything else that happened here is so dumb and WRONG! EVEN IF THE MAID/TOW TRUCK WAS WRONG. I feel so ashamed that these people are my brothers. I hope they see this video, look back and see their big mistake and feel so foolish and grow up. This mentality is for

  5. efg1445 – if the car was parked “a foot or two close to the pump” as appears to be the case from the video although the angle may be deceptive, it is not parked legally. Everyone who regularly drives around and parks in New York knows the rules. Everyone who is regularly in Boro Park sees daily how badly many of our co-religionists drive and park, women included. Oh and who in Boro Park gives ladies a heter to drive? Those who take chances by parking illegally sometimes lose and have their cars towed. The nature of betting like that is that sometimes you lose. End of story. He lost, will pay the ticket and end of story. The really disgusting ones are those who screamed at the agent who, yes, was only doing his job. I am not saying he didn’t make a mistake, as all of us do in different areas of life from time to time. The question is whether his mistake was worse than that of the yidden filming what was going on on their smartphones. According to the vast majority of haredi Rabbonim and Chassidishe Rebbes having a smartphone is a serious issur. Listening to Daas Torah is our issue. The traffic agents issue is finding a car being “a foot or two close to the pump”. The video shows those there from our community failed the test. The agent was quite laid back. After all, he probably works in Boro Park daily and is used to it. Today was just another story to tell his family and friends about how disgusting the Jews are, who think they own the world, well at least Boro Park.

  6. Appalling. Just watching this video, I felt ashamed by the conduct of these Yidden.

    What happened to דיבורו בנחת עם הבריות? Is this the way Hashem wants us to behave? Does anyone imagine their Rav, Rosh Yeshiva, or Rebbe acting this way?

  7. “The car was parked legally albeit maybe a foot or two close to the pump.”
    If so, the car was parked illegally.
    The owner screwed up.
    I hope the police are able to send the ticket in the mail. It would serve him right.

  8. This is such an embarrassment- any Jew who spreads it is adding to the chillul Hashem done here. Publicize a Bachur knowing gantz sh”s and other wonderful kevod Shamayim and spare the world public Chillul H’.
    We should work on pirsumei nissa and wonderful things, and not publicize such disgusting and shameful chillul H’.

  9. To all those commenters who are screaming chillul Hashem in retrospect, you may be right, but the fact is cars are towed every day in Boro Park and you don’t see a commotion like this. The reason why this ticked people off is because the agent was an idiot. I am 100% certain if the car would’ve been blocking the pump there wouldn’t have been this outcry. I agree if the car is within 15 feet of the give the ticket, but to tow him when he’s not blocking the pump this is wrong. I know these agents are just doing their jobs, but some sensitivity training wouldn’t hurt.

  10. This behaviour seems the epitome of bullying. Berate and belittle a person as part of some subspecies, to have free reign. No respect for authority or for this individual who is merely trying to do his job. A lack of empathy, self control, respect for authority. I appreciate a person needs to be “tough” to live in New York. Perhaps one needs to be tough in remembering he was a slave in Egypt and should stay quiet, as R Avigdor Miller would say.

  11. The most disturbing part of this video is that these were not kids, but “adults”. The idiot with the big mouth that said “this is not your place, its mine” (I’ve paraphrased), is likely a father or a grandfather r”l, and is training his children to be as Krum as he is. We have to have a serious introspection to understand where our Chinuch has gone so wrong this past generation. I really don’t care how much people learn, how many Tishin they go to, what Rav/Rebbe they follow. Without BASIC Midos, it’s all ZERO.

  12. a few points;
    when the punishment does NOT fit the crime – a $ 115 ticket is bad enough TOWING is way overkill and therefore i cannot defend the traffic agent although he is doing his job.
    yidden have arvus and thats why we care so much about each other to help .
    no reason to call him loser
    but a chillul hashem I DONT SEE THAT and i consider myself sensitive to that . any goy watching this on youtube doesnt think anything i asked 3 of my truck drivers today who are all “shechorim” they said ” cool you guys look out for each other …
    as far as the agent he gets this all day you do a nasty & dirty job you signed up for this

  13. If that car wasn’t too close to the hydrant, I’m certain that within a couple of blocks the agent would have found several cars he could tow for blocking hydrants. Such parking which puts lives at risk seems to be common practice in Boro Park.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised in multiple NYPD tow trucks appear in Boro Park next week as a result of this chillul Hashem.

  14. meir g, I absolutely agree that the punishment does not fit the crime. The ticket agent was being totally unfair.

    But saying “any goy watching this on YouTube…” is a ridiculous comment because you’ll have some goyim agreeing that there’s nothing wrong with screaming at the agent and you’ll have people saying look disgusting the Jews behave…it’s irrelevant what exactly every goy is saying about this. What is important is FOR US to remember that we are in golus and we don’t own the streets. Another problem with that comment its a big problem
    when our actions are influenced by anticipated YouTube ratings! This is utterly ridiculous!

    And we are not Schoirim and we need to remember that we can’t act like schoirim. When the Jewish kids seeing this behavior of adults will grow up, they’ll throw bottles at police officers they’ll riot, etc. The next generation always takes it a step further. Is this what you want, that schoirim will identify with such behavior if Jews act this way?

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t look out for each other. I’m not saying people shouldn’t have stuck up for the driver and that they shouldn’t of protested. But there’s a way to do it with dignity. Don’t scream, don’t say “this is our place, not your place…” In short, be mature about it. We need to learn how to stick up for one another and make our voices heard without looking stupid and immature.

  15. Hisgarus b’umos.

    Scenes like this remind me how lucky I am not to live in these entitled big kehillos NY/NJ and able to realise that we’re in golus and how a yid is supposed to act.

  16. I have an idea. Shall all we individual readers all at ywn write an apology to them on behalf of our community after seeing the video? I’m serious. Someone take charge…

  17. Horribly shameful to say the least! A HUGE chilul Hashem. Go ahead, post it on Youtube like you threatened, it gives your chilul hashem infinite potential! I grew up in Brooklyn, I too know the traffic cops can be animals, in fact they usually are. How in heaven’s name does that excuse this type of behaviour from frum ADULTS??! What does this teach their children (rhetorical question)? We are supposed to be a light unto the nations, like our foreather Avraham Avinu. This is quite far from it.

  18. Guys calm down. U have seen a snippet of a long story, u know already that its a big chillul hashem.

    U guys most probably dont live in boro park and never go there. There is no parking. When someone parks within the few feet of a pump he maybe gets a ticket, BUT TOWING? NEVER.

  19. All the yidden in the video are acting exactly the way goyim would act if this were somewhere else. 0 difference between them and goyim. Job well done.

  20. Towing might not fit the crime, but that doesn’t give the owner the right to jump into it and drive away. That’s an issue to be handled after-the-fact in court or another appropriate venue. And to all the readers saying that the driver was correct because (in the readers’ opinions) the punishment didn’t fit the crime, would you all be saying the same if the driver was not Jewish, but maybe black? In those cases, all I hear is a chorus of “if he had listened to the police, then [tragedy] wouldn’t have happened”. We are supposed to be a light onto the nations, but with behavior like this, how can we expect to be treated???

  21. philosopher; thanks for replying coherently not that i need the last word but a few more points based on your reply you are correct that on you tube you will get a mix of comments no diff than most clips.
    chillul hashem has 2 sides the akum & the yehudi .
    #1. the part of the ” goy watching on you tube” is meant that when it comes to defining some neutral action as chillul hashem from the angle of an akum you assess it based on their view of things so most goyim think cool , quick, would get many likes on facebook whether he did the correct thing is a separate argument.( as opposed to a mitzva which you do either way as an example your daughter fasts on tisha beav even though if the NY POST would show a clip of very thirsty girls in camp with a headline “90 degrees and not a drop of water” it would get far worse comments.)
    #2 as far as the next generation i believe that in this area we are way better than years ago simply because culturally its not tolerated do you remember the old demonstrations in Manhattan, …as far as the golus piece every time we make a big shtink about a swastika or a comment from an airline etc .. is where that is applicable .
    lastly many of the comments are from fellow yiddin NOT living in BROOKLYN and there are huge cultural differences that put things in context. in wyoming its fine to shoot pheasents with your kids on the weekends , in texas its fine to brand cattle with a hot iron, when living in a densely populated neighborhood some parking courtesy are expected and tolerated as minhag hamakom ( as you see in choshen mishpat all over) so in bp the answer is a ticket if you are 5 feet to the pump not a tow truck for 10 feet away
    the strong feelings in all the comments pro and against show how we are brothers and care gut shabbos

  22. THE BIGGER QUESTION IS SHOULD YESHIVA WORLD BE POSTING THIS STUFF ??? if its a chillul hahsem and if it sows seeds of pirud ? ywn put up a poll box for readers to click

  23. Meir G – I’m glad you look to your shechorim truck drivers for approval on how a yid should act. The future of Klal Yisroel is in good hands with people like you.

  24. philosopher: our comments are racist. Just using a Hebrew translation does not make it all right to spew this bigotry- the same comment about all those racists who used the extreme language in this incident.

  25. Holala You missed the point it doesn’t matter how wrong the police might have been this is not the way we act. It is a huge chilul hashem

  26. For those saying driver should only get ticket not towed, ok, maybe if circumstances were different but turns out this vehicle has multiple unpaid violations. In which case I think is fair to the community as this person is one who thinks themself above all others.

    “city records show a long list of parking violations for the vehicle’s license plate that total over $1,000.”


  27. @Holala, you are right, I don’t live in BP and hardly ever go there. Let’s assume everything you say is right, how do their actions not constitute a Chilul HaShem? Since when does a lack of parking or never getting towed give license to act like this? Where have we gone so wrong??

    Illegally parked cars are usually ticketed, not towed…..

  29. Now that Shabbos is over and I know more information about what happened I feel not only were the people wrong for attacking the agent but an apology would be the right thing to do. First of all, I passed the place where this incident took place In the video it looked like he was being towed because of the pump. Wrong! If he was parked where he was then his back was in the crosswalk and deserved to be towed. Second and most important I heard from a community askin who intervened that this guy shouldn’t be arrested on Shabboshe he said that the car was targeted for towing and the towing had nothing to do with where he was parked.

  30. Thanks holala
    I’m reading and wondering
    The law does not allow for towing a car just because it’s blocking a hydrant. Even if it’s totally blocking it. But once they tow your car, it’s hundreds of dollars and hours of time to get it back. With no recourse.
    Driving off was probably not the smartest thing to do but I can understand it

  31. What an embarrassed to be a chasidic Jew and see how some people in our community act as if they own the world! The guy should be docked and arrested and get some sense knocked into him.
    You guys live in the Congo- act like NORMAL human beings and stop embarrassing the chasidic community.

  32. The fact that the media picked up on this and has millions of goyim voicing their hatred for Jews is enough of a reason to step back and think about the repurcussions an act like this can cuase. They hate us enough, why make them hate us even more by acting this way?

  33. This whole thing is truly sad chilul hashem whoever posted it everywhere so that got sent to ywn was very has license plate and everything visible..we just got out own ppl in trouble..sometimes situation gets out of control and ppl regret what they said or did.its called teshuva.but by posting it we(as in our technogical world ) have made it worse.there is also something called being dan lkaf zchus.the comment quoted everywhere that sounds so bad “its my place not ur place” was made in error when the agent said “get out of my face” and the person thought he said “get out of my place”.sad ,but i know the person who said it and he feels bad about the whole commotion and how viral it went but maintains the agent got nasty first and used profanity first which was not captured.Im not excusing just explaining…..stop spreading chilul hashem.

  34. This type of behavior would never happen in a modern orthodox community ie. teaneck. Yet these holier than thou frummies, who look down at everyone else, act like this and video it?This is nauseating.

  35. rabbiofberlin, my, my, what a nice politically correct (the definition of politically correct means being nice to everyone besides frum Jews) human being you are… Schochur means black. Is the term “black” ok according to your liberal standards? Well, I chose the Hebrew term which means the same thing.

    Now the commenter I responded to used the term “shchoirim” and if you see his comment then you see he did not use that term in a derogatory sense. In fact, we were supposed to see from his comment that the people in the video are not doing anything wrong because his shechoirim drivers said it’s “cool” …

    Now I couldn’t care less what you think of blacks, and there are many, many wonderful and dignified black people, but the fact remains that blacks commit the most crime than any race in the US and can behave in ways that frum Jews shouldn’t behave so if there are blacks who say this behavior is “cool” it should mean absolutely nothing to us. Yes, I’m not politically correct, too bad on you.

  36. concerrned mom, certainly we should be dan l’kaf zchus. But he got more entangled by trying to explain his words by saying the agent told him “get out of my face”. Does that mean he was being extremely chutzpadig to the agent?