The Chesed Fund Breaks New Record with $26 Million Raised – Commission Free

Pictured above: Avi Kehat, Founder of

Less than three years ago, Avi Kehat had a dream.

Three years later, his dream has raised over $26,000,000 for worthy causes. Commission free.

Prior to The Chesed Fund website launch, people in need of fundraising would start campaigns on typical non Jewish crowdfunding websites. Although these fundraisers were successful in getting people to donate, the fundraisers needed to share the earnings with the platform website. The crowdfunding website would take large commissions, some taking a whopping 10% commission.

Despite a growing number of competitors – and growing expenses – Kehat’s website has remained commission free since its inception. “We noticed that GoFundMe and other crowdfunding sites had been used for many Jewish causes and we just wanted to help the people keep their hard earned funds” explains Kehat.

The Chesed Fund has a myriad of inspiring stories of individuals and organizations benefiting from the platform; from a grassroots venture that raised thousands for Chai Lifeline,  Kollel breaking their fundraising record with the help of a matching campaign, or Aish raising a record-breaking 2 million dollars on the site.

A core part of the site’s success lies in the fact that it is remarkably easy to set up a campaign, and The Chesed Fund offers stellar customer support along every step of the way. Support tickets are handled either via direct calling, email, or  the live chat widget on the site. The Chesed Fund support team is led by Baltimore native Donni Lurman who currently resides in Jerusalem.

“A significant amount of fundraising campaign are for emergency cases and time is of the essence for them, in some cases even lives are at stakes” says Lurman. “Fundraising is no simple task to begin with and it’s been my dream to bridge the gap between fundraisers and donors who are in a position to help.”

Raising $26 million is certainly an exceptional milestone. Kehat points out that the number 26 has special significance in Judaism. “It’s the gimatrya of shem hashem. The ultimate expression of rachamei shomayim. And with siyata dishmaya, we’ll raise the next $26 million for tzedaka even faster than the first.”

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