SHUL SHOOTING ATTACK IN CALIFORNIA: Woman Killed, Rabbi and 2 Others Wounded at Chabad of Poway

A 19-year-old gunman opened fire inside a Chabad center near San Diego on Shabbos, the last day of Pesach, killing a woman and wounding the rabbi and two others, authorities said. reports the shots rang out inside Chabad of Poway at around 11:30AM, as the congregation had been listening to Krias HaTorah. Inside the lobby, the gunman fatally shot Lori Gilbert-Kaye H”YD and grievously injured Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, who later required surgery on both hands. Please say Tehillim for the Chabad Shliach, Yisroel ben Chana Priva. Also wounded was a young girl, 8-year-old Noya Dahan, and her uncle, Almog Peretz, 34. Dahan was hit with shrapnel in the face and leg. Witnesses said Peretz was shot in the leg as he heroically carried young children to safety. The family is originally from Sderot, Israel but had moved due to constant fear of terrorist rockets fired from nearby Gaza. [Statement By Chabad-Lubavitch Headquarters on the Fatal Poway Shooting] A witness told CNN affiliate KGTV there were six or seven shots followed by screams and then another volley of shots. The witness said the wounded rabbi tried to calm the gunman and members of the congregation. There were indications an AR-type assault weapon might have malfunctioned after the gunman, identified as John Earnest, fired numerous rounds inside the Chabad of Poway, San Diego County Sheriff William Gore said. As the terrorist paused to reload, a Chabad regular and US Military veteran heroically rushed him. An off-duty Border Patrol agent working as a security guard fired at the shooter as he ran away, missing him but striking his getaway vehicle, San Diego County Sheriff William Gore said. Shortly after fleeing, Earnest called 911 to report the shooting, San Diego Police Chief David Nisleit said. When an officer reached him on a roadway, “the suspect pulled over, jumped out of his car with his hands up and was immediately taken into custody,” Nisleit said. Mrs. Lori Kaye H”YD, 60, was a beloved member of Chabad of Poway congregation for many years. She leaves behind a devastated husband and 22-year-old daughter. Before he would allow himself to be rushed to the hospital, Rabbi Goldstein turned to his congregation and spoke. He referenced the “Vehi She’amdah” passage from the Haggadah, read at the Pesach Seder: “Not just one alone has risen against us to destroy us, but in every generation they rise against us to destroy us; and the Holy One, blessed be He, saves us from their hand.” He went on to speak about remaining strong in the face of adversity and hate. Rabbi Goldstein, who is originally from the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y., is also a Jewish chaplain with the San Diego sheriff’s department. Goldstein has been described as “talkative, warm and kind” by members of the Southern California community. ‘TERROR WILL NOT WIN’: Shooting Victim Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein Recounts Horrific Attack at Chabad [WATCH INTERVIEW] Later Shabbos afternoon, police allowed the congregants to regroup in the nearby home of Rabbi Mendel Goldstein, where the prayer were concluded. The service included Yizkor, in which the souls of the departed loved ones are recalled. Having been informed that Gilbert-Kaye had succumbed, they said a special prayer for her soul. Following Chassidic custom, as the day came to an end, they sat down for a festive meal known as Seudas Moshiach, which included joyous … Continue reading SHUL SHOOTING ATTACK IN CALIFORNIA: Woman Killed, Rabbi and 2 Others Wounded at Chabad of Poway