Hate Crimes Investigators Probe Graffiti At NYC Beach Club

Authorities say anti-Semitic and racist graffiti has been scrawled in a beach club in New York City, and authorities are investigating the episode as a hate crime. Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo called it “vile” and asked state police hate crimes investigators Monday to help determine who left the graffiti at the Silver Gull, a private club on federal seashore in Queens. The New York Times reports the graffiti was found Friday in a playground. According to the newspaper, the writing included anti-black slurs, a swastika and the words “gas chamber,” among other messages. U.S. Park Police spokesman Sgt. Richard Firrito told the Times the graffiti was being investigated as a bias crime. Firrito says investigators believe vandals broke into a shed used for arts programs. The club declined to comment. (AP)