Israel To Shorten Quarantine Period To Ten Days

Illustrative: Police detain quarantine violator in Tel Aviv. (Israel Police)

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Israel’s Health Ministry stated on Monday night that the required quarantine period will be shortened to ten days starting next month.

The decision follows a successful pilot program instituted last month shortening the quarantine period to twelve days.

The shortened quarantine period is subject to two negative coronavirus test results during the quarantine period, one at the beginning and another one prior to leaving quarantine.

Those arriving in Israel from abroad may be eligible for a quarantine exemption if they can present proof of coronavirus antibodies.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. 1) Why not to 5 days like United Kingdom announced?
    2) Why is Pompeo getting away with this quarantine altogether and receiving preferential treatment?
    3) When is Israeli border reopening to foreigners? {Cannot come soon enough}

  2. My husband’s doctor recently told him that he has not yet had a patient since March who was exposed to the virus and had symptoms after 7 days and he has a very large practice. He is basing this of course on those who know where they caught the virus but it seems that most people can trace where they likely caught it. Now that we know more about this virus I am hoping we will start seeing more leniency in regard to quarantine and pre-cautionary measures.