Greenfield Praises NYPD & DOT For Towing Illegally Parked Trucks On Bay Parkway


NYC Councilman David G. Greenfield today praised the NYPD and city Department of Transportation for taking steps to resolve a long-standing problem of commercial vehicles and trucks that park and idle illegally overnight in residential areas along Bay Parkway in the Bensonhurst/Mapleton area. This week, the 66th Precinct conducted an operation to tow trucks, vans, buses and other commercial vehicles parked near the area of Washington Cemetery along Bay Parkway that violated motor vehicle regulations such as not having an attached cab or license plates.

This problem has plagued that section of Bensonhurst/Mapleton for years, but has become worse in recent months as commercial vehicles have encroached further into the residential areas including crossing over into Midwood. As a result, residents submitted numerous complaints to Greenfield over air and noise pollution from idling engines, lack of visibility for drivers and pedestrians from parked trucks, suspicious individuals hanging out between the trucks and large amounts of trash left behind by the drivers.

In response, Greenfield worked with the DOT, Department of Environmental Protection and NYPD over the past few months to survey the area and ensure proper enforcement was taking place. In addition, Greenfield has requested that new signage be posted that clearly prohibits overnight commercial parking, which is already against the law.



  1. The trucks that park in front of the Washington Cemetery on Bay Parkway disturb the residents … of the cemetery?

    They are also disturbed by the lack of visibility. I am deeply disturbed that my beautiful view of the cemetery might be obstructed as a I drive by.

    Yes, Greenfield is doing a remarkable wonderful job of resolving complaints. But sure some complaint