VIDEOS: Religious Soldier Attacked By Peleg Mob On Bar Ilan Motzei 1st Day Yomtov


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Once again, a religious soldier was attacked by frum Yidden in Yerushalayim, for at least the third time within two weeks. This latest assault came on motzei the first day Pesach when a religious soldier in uniform passed the area of Bar Ilan and Shmuel HaNavi Streets as a Peleg protest was taking place.

It does not appear that the soldier was physically injured.

In the past weeks there were at least two attacks against soldiers, both taking place in Meah Shearim, and both leading to the arrests of perpetrators.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why are you using the word attacked??
    There was no physical attack of any nature, just some stupid kids shouting hardak.

    The soldier walked briskly away and didnt feel the need to run.
    Whilst he should not be shouted at by frum yidden, yet again your article and headline is deliberately misleading. You have to understand how far this is going, I spoke to a secular person here in Israel who told me of her horror that the protesters were trying to “Lynch” soldiers. The Israeli media is using the word “Lynch” – a word which means to put someone to death, often by hanging, by an unlawful mob. Please be accurate in what you report, the cases of unprovoked physical attack of soldiers is zero or almost zero unless you have footage otherwise.

  2. The verbal abuse alone is disgusting but if any of these animals engages in physical assault, the IDF should authorize the soldiers and security forces to use whatever means necessary to “neutralize” the attackers. Enough is enough.

  3. Please, someone, explain this idiocy to me! What about אהבת ישראל? We didn’t שחט the קרבן פסח because we don’t have the בית המקדש which was destroyed precisely for this reason! Was the narrative of קמצא ובר קמצא any different?
    Where are the גדולים on this? How can this be permitted? How can it be performed altogether? רבש”ע, when will be sensible once again?? אתה חונן לאדם דעת Please give us the דעת to know right from wrong!

  4. There a photos/videos of the these “chayos”. Arrest them and prosecute to the full extent of the law. Advertise their identities. A chilul Hashem in the first degree.

  5. This is not an attack. This is not attacurate reporting, more like fake news. As long as there are no physical attacks against other people, roads blockages or property destroyed, they have a right to voice their objection to Chareidim serving in the army. This soldier should respect the demonstrators views as well and refrain from parading in his army uniform. If he wants to express his opinion, Peleg demonstrators can express their opinions against Chateidim serving in the army as well. I understand both sides, I understand serving in the IDF, serving the country and protecting Jews, BUT there are very serious issues serving in the IDF and you have to be blind not to see them. Especially, with the developing issue of women serving in all IDF divisions. Peleg, and Chareidim in general, have a right to voice their objections to frum people serving in the army.

  6. First of all, the recent attacks of “charedi” soldiers were sting operations set up by the police.
    Yes, it is shameful for kids to yell “chardak” at soldiers but the soldier wasn’t physically attacked.I hope parents are seeing this and having serious talks with their kids about what is acceptable protest and what isn’t!

  7. Those screaming were not “frum Yidden”, they were hooligans. What we don’t know is if they were Peleg hooligans, followers of Rav Orbach, or stam hooligans.

  8. Many of these kids live in a sad society. Where parents are too busy and stressed to spend quality time with their kids who spend 14 hours locked into yeshiva ketanos wiyh no recreation. Some but only some kids can survive it, unfortunately many become street kids with no morals or standards of decency.
    So painful

  9. The people who take part in these Hafganos are partialy from neturei karta eidah and followers of R’ Shmuel so if from the thousands there were a few kids who scream “chardak” and another few who ran to see the action how does that bring us to talk about one who is excepted by all gedolei torah (yes even in eretz yisrael where there are many who argue with the pelegs shita’s) as a Gadol Hador, in such a hatefull antisemetic way.

  10. Can we stop being naive and believing everything we see from sources that are openly biased? Lets be different than the antisemites that we Jews had to deal with for thousands of years. We know that there were always people in Meah Shearim that acted against what the Litveshe Gedolei Torah held. Does anyone have any reason to believe that there are any followers of R’ Shmuel who ever attacked a soldier? R’ Shmuel speaks publicly very often, does anyone have a quote from him that seems to condone acting violently to anyone? There is a paper that comes out every day for years that is run by people close to R’ Shmuel, does anyone have a quote from that paper that seems to condone acting violently?
    The only proof I know of is an article printed in ywn under the title “HORRIFIC VIDEO: IDF Soldier Attacked And Beaten By Group Of ‘Peleg Yerushalmi’ Protesters In Bnei Brak After He Used Tear Gas”, which turned out (as was publicized by all the non frum media in Israel) to be a libel, the soldier had no reason to be at the seen and he wrote on his Facebook a few hours before that he is going to the hafganah in order to start up with chareidim, he came to the hafganah and as shown in the full video publicized by the media in Israel randomly went over to bochurim and sprayed them in their faces again and again with tear gas until he was tackled to the floor (not beaten up, look at the video) by a yeshiva bochur. The minister of internal security who came out against the “attack on a soldier” eventually retracted when it was clear that the soldier acted illegally and it was totally legal to stop him in this case, the above was publicized all over the secular media in Israel. Lets stop being naive and based on that spewing our hatred for Gedolei Torah.