Court Dismisses Suit From Once Frum Individuals Against Chareidi Mosdos


The Jerusalem District Court on Monday, 19 Iyar, held a session regarding the lawsuit from formerly chareidi persons against chareidi educational institutes. Dozens of now non-religious persons, are suing the state and chareidi education for failing to provide them with the tools to earn a livelihood since they were not taught secular subjects.

The state sent third party notices to dozens of talmidei torah and yeshivos ketanos, fifty of which submitted extensive defense statement through the office of attorneys Kabiri, Nevo, Kedar and Blum. The letters of defense stated the petitioners’ claims have no legal or factual basis and that even the state itself did not have the right to submit the offensive third party notice against the chareidi mosdos.

At the outset of the hearing, Justice Moshe Baram stated he is included to accept the position of the schools that responded since the petitioners are not operating on clear legal ground and he envisions the route chosen in the petition as being legally difficult and this is even prior to getting into the heart of case.

Speaking off the record, the court suggested that in light of the serious charges being leveled by the chareidi mosdos in their response, and the allegations by petitioners, to withdraw the petition.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)