Women Combatants Want A ‘Beinish’ IDF Battalion


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The Lavi Battalion in the Jordan Valley is the fourth to be integrated with women. Not only is the new commander religious, this is the first IDF unit that has a platoon of women only, religious women R”L, in line with their request to have a ‘Beinish’ unit, meaning Bnei Yeshivot; the term used to refer to hesder soldiers throughout the years.

Yediot Achronot recently reported that in the recent March 2017 induction, both men and women were inducted into the Lavi Battalion, and once the authorization was received, the platoon became the military’s first all religious female platoon.

According to the IDF, the mixed units are comprised of 70% females and 30% males, adding there is a growing number of men asking to serve in these mixed units, primarily because the physical demands in these units has been lowered to accommodate the female soldiers.

All prominent rabbonim in the dati leumi community have come out against serving in mixed units, with many prohibiting a religious commander from standing at the helm of such a unit, even at the cost of one’s career.

IDF officials add that religious officers are assigned to such units, headed by the commander of their battalion commander, Lt.-Colonel Nir Sofet, a graduate of the Bnei David Mechina in Yishuv Eli. The most senior religious officer is Brigadier-General Kahana, who is in charge of the four mixed battalions. He is a son of Rabbi Nachman Kahana Shlita of Jerusalem Old City.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. These units are a death traps for their soldiers. Any enemy army already knows all about them and they will be targeted as the weakest units. The clowns posing as military commanders will send them into combat and they will be annihilated. Whatever survivors that will fall as POW will be subjugated to great humiliation.

  2. “All prominent rabbonim in the dati leumi community have come out against serving in mixed units”
    Just wondering what our rabbonim (Yeshiva World News? — anyone remember?) have to say about ‘serving in mixed units.’

  3. If the physical requirements are lower than it means it’s not such a good fighting force as an all men’s unit. So why the obsession with gender integration? Answer: the govt is מומר להכעיס

  4. As it is, the IDF has about 800 abortions and 1,000 pregnancies per year. These mixed units will no doubt be an additional burden for the taxpayers because of the increase in abortions and pregnancies. Hashem yerachem!

  5. Let’s wait until, chas v’shalom, a woman soldier is captured, raped over and over again and left for dead. Then we will see how keen the dati leumi community are to continue with this crazy exercise and their ‘Beinish’ unit.

  6. avreimi – if you would just read the article you would know that the dati leumi community does not support girls in the army. That’s what Sherut Leumi replaces. These female soldiers go in against their rabbi’s and many time their parents’ wishes. The beinish units are for the yeshiva boys.

  7. I did read the article. It says “this is the first IDF unit that has a platoon of women only, religious women R”L, in line with their request to have a ‘Beinish’ unit,”. “Religious women r”l”. You are right they do not listen to their Rabbonim who are against mixed service in the army. Is it really true to say that the dati leumi community as a whole is against women serving with men in the army? My impression is that most are caught up in the swirls of falsehood equating men and women; the obsession with “gender equality”. However the philosophical discussion does not effect the reality that both Arye and I see quite clearly. Of course the Dati Leumi community supports women in the army. To suggest otherwise is just nonsense. Sherut Leumi is to the army like teachers, those who can, do (go to the army), those who can’t, teach, (go to Sherut Leumi).

  8. Women in IDF are pulling the soul of Jewish and Israel into the ground, women and IDF do not mix, it is the wrong equation, it does not work and there is no mazel in it, whatever they may wish, however “good” is their “motivation”. Girls, women, get out of the IDF if you really want to save Israel!