VIDEO: IDF Chief Rabbi On How To Address Kol Isha In The Military



IDF Chief Rabbi Brigadier-General Eyal Karim has addressed the issue of frum soldiers who complain about being ordered to attend a kol isha event. The rav was speaking with a young religious group before their induction in a Ra’anana shul.

The rav addressed kashrus, keeping Shabbos and women singing, and avoiding provocation.

“One does not have to walk out and create a provocation but one can compel oneself not to benefit, not to look, and avoid a provocation – or even bring a Gemara and not wear earplugs but to have kavona not to benefit” stated the Rav.

The accompanying video is from a July 13th news broadcast.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. what is supposed to be an encouragement to protest became an appeasement speech. The IDF was designed to integrate every one and mold them into “Israelis”. This is why they insist on forcing chareidim to give up their principles. This must change. The IDF should be protecting Israel, nothing more.

  2. YWN staff: It does not seem appropriate to allow your readers to engage in playground-level name-calling against smicha-holding individuals.

  3. To this day i have no idea how attendance at such singing promotes military readiness to do its job of defending the country. Sounds like secular coercion because that is exactly what it is.

  4. For those who hear and understand Hebrew- he said DO NOT bring a gemorrah. That too apparently is provocation! We have strayed afar! Do not walk out and dare show that you have your own ideals- provocation….. Does not give me much desire to send my children if this what they are being told from the religious part of the army.

  5. If you sign up to the army as a frum person you do not have to attend any events that women will sing even if the singers are not female just everyone is singing together you still do not have to attend.

  6. I’m unimpressed by his statement, and I was really expecting him to be a hardliner on these issues. How does anyone expect chareidim to join the army if we still have these sort of situations. I don’t know what happens behind closed doors, and I hope he has a very good reason for trying to cool down the tension, but this is nonetheless pretty bothersome. I hope he knows what he is doing, and all of us here are lacking some serious information.