MK Kisch Points Out Israeli Divorce Process Harshly Discriminates Against Husbands


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According to MK (Likud) Yoav Kisch, suicide rates among Israeli men is considerably higher than among women and one reason is that following divorce, dads are often not permitted visitation with their children. He also blames the behavior of attorneys of wives during a divorce process as another reason for the significantly higher rate of suicide among men.

Kisch told a Knesset committee about malicious practices by divorce attorneys, and the current situation includes women often filing charges with police against a husband during the divorce process, claiming to have been assaulted even though no assault occurs. He cites that good men whom have done nothing are too often jailed during a divorce process.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Same as in America. And no one is doing anything about it here either.

    No one shleps her to beis din for mesira. No one prosecutes her for making a false arrest. The percentage of false accusations of domestic violence is alarming. If there can be no faith in the accusations, the true victims will also lose out in not being believed. Crying wolf.

  2. Reminds of a movie about a fictional divorce. The husband refused to trash back against the ex-wife as she trashed him (falsely) in court dispute. The judge determined that her accusations were groundless and awarded sole custody to the father as she was obviously a bad role model. Nice movie. Too bad it was only fantasy.

  3. Some years ago a colleague where I worked in Canada was expecting a child and he went to government sponsored educational program for new (expecting) parents. The instructor was clear. Fathers must not bathe children (especially daughters), even babies. In fact, the NYT dated 1987 also remarks that when the father bathes the child it is seen as (or he is accused of) sexual touching even though he does nothing different than when the mother bathes the same child. The article related that to the context of divorce proceedings and accusations of sexual abuse.