WATCH THIS! Frum Kids Enjoy Free Summer Outing At IKEA Store In Tel Aviv, Israel



  1. I am shocked you consider this funny, appropriate or good chinuch.
    If i was a non Jew seeing this you could imagine what i would be thinking
    Stop worrying about the color of a yeshiva guys shirt or other frum chumros
    Torah without middos is not yidishkeit
    Besides this is a massive Chillul Hashem of major proportions

  2. And people wonder why chareidim sometimes get a bad rap in Israel…. OF COURSE this behavior in unacceptable!! I’m not blaming the kids for being kids, but the parent certainly knows what’s going on and should know that this wrong.

  3. Are you seriously posting this as a proud moment for Jews anywhere? Whether in Israel or not, this is certainly not the way we want to be seen. I was totally cringing watching this and cannot believe this was posted as something amusing. Chilul Hashem personified.

  4. Just wondering if anyone thought it may be a chillul Hashem to post this even though what is being done in the video is wrong?
    Maybe the OP is trying to distance himself from the chareidi community?