VIDEO: IDF Company Commander Completes Meseches Rosh Hashanah Before Kosel Ceremony



In the accompanying video, we see IDF Company Commander Captain David Taiyer completing Meseches Rosh Hashana for his soldiers of Nachal Chareidi before heading to the Kosel for their official swearing-in ceremony after completing basic training.

The captain tells his troops, “You must know how to combine the defense of the Jewish People and spirituality, which is the essence of this battalion”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Ah, no wonder satmar is against the Tzahal. Some of the tzahal does something many Satmars don’t. they learn.
    And they are Not lined up on Tisha Bav afternoon and taught to hate fellow jews.

  2. Boyswork: You should be ashamed of yourself, never ever should one direct their criticism to anyone, nevermind a whole EIDA of Yidden,, i myself do not agree with the Satmar Shita, but i wouldn’t open my mouth against any other Yid, whether i like him or not, especially this time of year, & i do not agree with TZAHAL, but they’re here to stay, & so be it, HASHEM should always be on their right hand, they should be matzliach, & KOL HAKAVOD on this soldier who finished MASACHES ROSH HASHANA

  3. Mazal Tov to both the Captain on the Siyum and to the soldiers for finishing basic training. May they continue to be a Kidush Hashem as they meet their responsibilities in both Ruchnius and Gashmius.

    No, the Israeli army is not perfect – but it is also not the hellhole of depravity that those who denigrate it claim it is. Units and events like this are moving things in the right direction, so that those who are truly machshiv their religiosity can still meet their bein adam l’chaveiro responsibilities to defend the Am Hashem haYoshev b’Tzion.

    May HKB”H watch over these boys so that they all return home at the end of their service Shalem both b’guf u’b’nefesh.

    an Israeli Yid (and proud parent of a soldier who served in Netzach)

  4. to boyswwork
    you soine yisroel. go into any satmar 4-5 am, the big branches,and youll see tens of bal batim learnig bchavruses. workers, business men, exacutives. ball batim who are boky beshas and s’u.

  5. to chymee and shimen,
    Funny how neither one of you responded to the hatred that is taught is satmar camps, especially on tisha bav. We all saw the videos. They purposely film it to show that they have no shame.
    As far as learning, take a good look at the current generation of these young men. I see them in shul every week.
    Not one so much as opens a siddur.