PHOTOS: Chareidi Papers Come Out Against Israel’s High Court Following Ruling To Strike Down Enlistment Arrangement For Chareidim



Chareidi newspapers on Wednesday 22 Elul, launched a harsh attack on the cancellation of the draft law by the High Court of Justice, pointing their arrows at Supreme Court justices who claimed that they had acted contrary to the rules of democracy.

Hamodia newspaper, in a headline on “More aggressive judicial intervention in the powers of the legislative branch, judges of the Supreme Court annulled a law that anchors the deferral of enlistment of those whose Torah is their profession.” Hamodia calls the judges ‘the rulers of the state’ and reports on an emergency meeting of the United Torah Judaism and Shas factions that will convene to draft a new law.

Yated Neeman reports in a black red headline on “judicial dictatorship. The draft law was arbitrarily disqualified by the Supreme Court. “Against the world of Torah.”

Yated Ne’eman brings the reactions of the chareidi Knesset members who attack the court. In addition, the editor of the newspaper, Rabbi Yisrael Friedman, writes an extensive article on the liberal terrorism of the High Court of Justice that imposes the judiciary on the legislature, and the government to prove who is the landlord.

In an article entitled “Hurricane in Israel” the newspaper warns that “the rules of the democratic game are now violated, the Knesset and the government have no meaning, everything is legal and void: laws will be legislated, the parliamentarians will play before us, but the High Court of Justice decides.

If something does not appeal to him, he will cancel the will of the people through his voters. If he wants something, he forces his will on the people! Systems madness, who needs a Knesset? In a real democracy, judges are elected by the people, at the ballot box, because their job is to protect the will of the people, not to tell them what to want … Something that went wrong here, the landlord lost his temper.

The newspaper HaMevaser reports in a major headline that “As they seek to punish we will multiply and break out, and that tens of thousands of Torah scholars will continue to strive for their study as in the days to come.” The editorial also attacks the Supreme Court, as expected, under the heading “A non-constitutional Supreme Court that is immersed in a bubble and cut off from the tradition of Israel.”

HaPeles writes, “The era of illusions has ended, and the chareidi public declares war without compromises.” The newspaper announces in its sub-headline the “disillusionment among the chareidi community and the need to embark on a vigorous struggle on the subject.” The decision of the High Court of Justice reinforces their claim that there is a real intention to recruit the yeshiva students in an organized and orderly manner and that the decision falls from one’s hands as does ripe fruit.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. with all due respects to the holy Israeli supreme court, but their job is to decide
    when a case comes before them if there is an infraction of the law or not, NOT if a law is acceptable to them.

    The Knesset makes the laws, period, NOT the supreme justices.

    Equality does not exist, and is NOT a legal banner for accepting a law or not.

    Example, in Israel, we have secular schools, dati le’umi schools, charadi schools and Arab schools. Must we equalize them all to teaching exactly the same
    subjects, in exactly the same language, from exactly the same books?

    If the Knesset decided that people whose cars have a even license plate can
    only buy gas on even days, and the people who have odd numbers can only
    buy gas on odd number days, does that go agasint equality?

    The supreme court holds itself above and beyone the call of their profession
    and have slopped over into making and breaking laws. That is NOT their job!

  2. Rabbi Avigdor Miller said many years ago that a time will come due to the supreme court that it will be impossible to live in Israel Rachmono Litslon
    Rav Shach also made a similar statement

  3. Nothing is going to happen. This not the first time they they did this, and not the last time. All it is , is a wake up call to the Yeshivos from Hashem Yisborach to be more committed to him. This happens before Rosh Hashana to wake us up to be stronger bnei torah.