Beersheva Chief Rabbi Deri Speaks Out On Peleg Protests


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Beersheva Chief Rabbi, HaRav Yehuda Deri, who is also a member of the Chief Rabbinate Council, spoke out on Monday afternoon regarding protests held of late by the Peleg Yerushalmi against the imprisonment of deserters from IDF service, stating they assist the detainees.

According to the Kikar Shabbos report, Rav Deri wants to have the Chief Rabbinate Council organize a major protest against growing Chilul Shabbos in Yerushalayim, and in the past spoke to Jerusalem Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Aryeh Stern Shlita on the matter. Deri feels such a protest much be organized by the Chief Rabbinate Council along with the Moetzas Gedolei Hatorah of Shas and Yahadut Hatorah, explaining such a protest would be helpful.

One of the rabbonim at the table told Rav Stern the protests do not help but Rav Deri explained that the Peleg protests are proof they do because talmidim and avreichim are being released from IDF prison daily, attributing this to the Peleg protests.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. interesting to note, that on the very thursday that the peleg protested in yerushalayim, my brother had to be in beer sheva (where rav deri is chief rabbi) and 3/4 of beer sheva was closed b/c of……….. FOOTBALL/SOCCER
    but that’s fine, right rabbi deri – football yes, torah, no.
    boy am i waiting for deri (the brother) to go back into prison (once again for tax evasion and the likes) and THEN we’ll see how he talks out against demonstrations…
    i’ll be rubbing my hands in glee!!!

  2. “Talmidim”, talmidim of what one may ask, and “avreichim” are being released daily because their sentences for failing to report for military service, or request a deferment, have been served, or alternatively the police release them pending trial. That is the way of the legal system. It does not mean that violence has won.