Ramat Elchanan Bridge To Be Repaired This Week


The Ramat Elchanan Bridge in Bnei Brak, which connects to Givat Shmuel, collapsed a few months ago, presenting a daily hardship for many. MK Yisrael Eichler has been working hard to expedite repairing the bridge, which is relied upon by so many, and this week, on the night of 27 Cheshvan (Wednesday night to Thursday), the bridge repairs will move ahead.

Some work has already been done and in a memo from the Ministry of Transportation to Eichler’s Knesset Ombudsman Committee, he was informed if the work on Wednesday night is successful, people will be able to use the bridge on Thursday.

Work will begin on Wednesday night at 11:00pm and it is expected to be completed by 5:00am. On Thursday, workers will address the infrastructure on Route 4 between Bar Ilan and Geha Junctions.

Route 4 will be closed from 11:00pm between Bar Ilan and Geha Interchanges until 5:00am as well. In the opposite direction, traffic will be blocked intermittently between Morasha and Geha Interchanges.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)