Williamsburg: Shomrim Apprehend 4 Suspects Stealing Truck, NYPD Makes Arrest [PHOTOS]


Thanks to Williamsburg Shomrim volunteers, four suspects were taken into custody for stealing a truck.

It happened just after 1:00PM at Classon Avenue and Park Avenue, in the heart of WIlliamsburg’s Jewish community.

The Shomrim volunteers witnessed the 4 suspects steal a truck from in front of a truck mechanic.

They immediately called the NYPD as they followed the truck from a safe distance.

The four men were taken into custody by the NYPD after a short foot pursuit at Willoughby Avenue and Classon Avenue.


  1. No worry. They will all sleep comfortably in their own beds tonight. With free tickets to a ball game, and a restaurant meal on the tab of the taxpayer.

  2. nice job!
    I wonder which Mets game they chose their tickets for? And I’m sure they’ve already been released by the time the article posted.

  3. Why do the Shomrim guys have to stand around and stare? You can imagine the hatred and intention for revenge going on in the minds of the perps . Shomrim did a good job in calling the cops while following at a distance. They should have kept that distance and stayed incognito.