Cuomo Says He May Slow NYC Reopening in Phase III; NJ Postpones Indoor Dining Indefinitely

In this April 24, 2020 photo provided by the Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Gov. Cuomo addresses the media while holding an n95 mask during his daily press briefing on COVID-19, Coronavirus, at the State Capitol in Albany, N.Y. The mask was sent to the governor by a retired farmer from Kansas whose wife only has one lung. (Darren McGee/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP)

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday he may tweak the Phase III reopening process for New York City as it relates to indoor dining, while New Jersey’s governor said he would postpone that step indefinitely as cases surge across the U.S.

Both governors, who lead the two hardest-hit COVID states in America, cited evidence of heightened risk in other states from enclosed spaces. Both Cuomo and Gov. Phil Murphy also pointed to people flaunting social distancing in various restaurants and bars in their own states as reasons to reevaluate the process.

New Jersey had been set to reopen indoor dining on Thursday; that will no longer happen and no new timeline has been set. New York City had been scheduled to start limited indoor dining next Monday when it enters Phase III. That may not happen either, though the five boroughs will still start the next step in a week.

Phase III reopens personal care services, from spas to nail salons to massage and tattoo parlors and more, in addition to indoor dining — at least for nine of New York’s 10 other regions. More outdoor recreation will also open at that time.

Cuomo is particularly leery of the indoor dining element, citing evidence of heightened risk in other states. He said Monday he would talk with business owners and review the data, but said, “This is a real problem.”

He pledged a final decision on indoor dining in the city by Wednesday. That’s not his only concern as far as New York City and Phase III. While the numbers have been extremely good as of late, Cuomo says he’s concerned about people flaunting social distancing and lacking local enforcement of the rules.



  1. This guy is so power hungry it is scary. He is a complete fool. Stop threatening to slow down with opening NYC. Just open it up completely already. NYC has been pretty much covid free for the past month already. No thanks to Cuomos idiotic, OCD policies.

  2. To Solomon the Wise: Get yourself another screen name. Cuomo and the other governors in the Northeast have done the best job in the US of reducing the rates of Covid deaths and infections. There will be no economic recovery until Covid is stopped – by a vaccine or by masks and social distancing and radically reduced contacts among all people. You may not like it, but the epidemiologists know that Covid will continue as long as we do not take adequate precautions.

    Governors in states who were eager to open up are now reversing direction because they see that more closing down is needed.