WATCH IN FULL: HaRav Zev Leff – Tisha B’Av Kinnos 2020/5780


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Every year, hundreds of people gather at Ohel Wosk on Moshav Matityahu to hear Rabbi Zev Leff, Morah D’Asra of the Moshav, expound on various aspects of the kinnos on a relevant theme. This year the very timely topic is “Mourning for the Mikdash During COVID-19” – as this year only a handful will be present in person due to social distancing.

The kinnos program was broadcast live on tisha b’av morning and is now available for on-demand playback. This year the program is dedicated as a zechus refuah sheleima for Yosef Chaim ben Shoshana Menucha, Batya Ruth bat Ronit, Shmuel ben Chana, Chaya Pesha bas Bryna, Refoel Yaakov Yosef ben Baila, Refaela Chaya Rivka bas Faige Perel, Avraham Yosef ben Malka, Avigdor Moshe ben Malka, Shimon ben Devorah Leah, Yitzchok ben Sarah, and leilu nishmas Moshe Avraham ben Yitzckak Eliyahu HaLevi Z”TL.

Rabbi Leff is also the Rosh HaKollel of Kollel Matityahu for the past 20 years. The livestream is their main yearly fundraiser appeal. The kollel is continuing to function during COVID-19 with proper precautions as well as remotely. Donations are appreciated and non-profit 501(c)3 tax receipts will be sent via email: